2011 Kawasaki Versys - For Sale - only 10,000 KM

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  1. Kawasaki Versys 2011 – For Sale

    I have decided to sell my Kawasaki Versys 2011 that I purchased in August 2011.

    It currently has 10171 km on the Bike.

    Paid 285,000 for Bike New.

    Full Coverage Insurance – 16,036 baht – Good until August 2012.

    Bike Improvements listed below – 21,242 baht

    Total Investment – 322,278 baht

    To view photos of Bike go to:


    Click on View as Slide Show.

    We have added the following items – (Items 6 – 9 were purchased in America via Motowerk.com:[list type=decimal]
    [*]Givi Rear Box – E20 – 30 Liters
    [*]Ocean Pack Water Proof Side Bags – 30 Liters Each
    [*]Engine Guard
    [*]Luggage Rack – Side and Rear (Easy to Remove)
    [*]Flashing Brake Lights for added Safety and Visibility.
    [*]Lowering Kit. Allows shorter people like me to be able to touch the ground FLAT FOOTED.
    [*]Handle Bar Riser – Raised the Handle Bars by 1 ¼ inches. Helps you to sit in a more upright position.
    [*]Flat Foot for Kick Stand.
    [*]Swing Arm Spools
    [/list type=decimal]Bike has been given a proper “Break in Period” per the Maintenance Manual.

    All services have been completed on time at the Kawasaki Shop in Chiang Mai.

    Warranty period for this bike is 2 years from Factory. Have approx. 17 months remaining on Warranty.

    Reason for selling bike – Not riding it enough to justify keeping it. Still love my Honda Phantom.

    Willing to sell for 275,000 baht / OBO.

    Call Roger at:


    Or e-mail me at [email protected]
  2. 10,000thb less than a brand new bike.....

    I think you might have a job selling it at that price.
  3. Hey Mad,

    We have 322,278 baht invested in the Bike.

    At 275,000 thats over $1,000 in savings.

    Of course you are always welcome to make a fair offer.... if interested.

  4. Mad is only pointing out the obvious. Bike mods count for almost nothing when it comes to resale value. If you want to get something for the box, bags, et cetera, it's usually better to sell them separately. You will still need to adjust the asking price for the bike as it's too close to the price of a new bike. Check out similar advertisements here and on the other Thailand MC websites for the "going rate".
  5. +1

    Good luck with the sale- it will take you a while to find a buyer at the price you're asking...
  6. That's a fair point if all the mods are worthless I can remove them from the bike.

    Soo let's say bike with NO mods for 250,000 baht.

    That will save you 35,000 off the price of a new bike plus you get insurance to boot.
  7. Well apparently certain Modifications DO Matter to some people.

    Sold bike at asking price and had 3 other people waiting to come
    buy if this buyer desided not to.

  8. Congrats on the sale! No doubt it helps that there's a long wait if you want to order new from a Kawasaki dealer. Happy Trails!
  9. Yes not only with the Versys but the local level B dealer here says he can not get his hands on new D-tracker 125 and the KLX140. And as of the D-Tracker that means he is losing customers on a daily base.

    Chang Noi
  10. Well i am glad i got my Versys when i did because see the price that this one sold for, i paid much less and the bike had about the same km but had about the same sort or addon and mods. So i am ahappy camper and will be home in a few day to get out and ride it

  11. This is maybe the wrong thread, but what's the reason that Kawi can't keep up with demand?
  12. Most of the motorcycles produced by the Kawasaki factory here in Thailand are destined for export. The Thai dealers get a set quota of bikes every year. If demand outpaces supply customers are forced to backorder as the dealers can not increase their supply.
  13. Either that, or it's the flood... you'd think Kawasaki is flexible enough to divert some of the factory output to Thailand given some lead time?!

    Or is big bike demand exploding in Thailand? Ducati's sold out, Kawa's sold out on many if not most new models, the CBR250R was in low supply for the entire first year... Honda even sold some of their NC700X turds...
  14. Thanks for input.
  15. I think that the numbers of sold big bikes in Thailand are so small (in compare to Europe, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada) and the sales management is so conservative that they plan a very tight production. And if there is shortage of parts or more demand somewhere else a small market as Thailand will be at the end of the chain.

    Worldwide production (of anything) must be so cost-effective that there are no stocks anymore like in the good old days. Then there are 1 or 2 big dealerships that just order (and pay) and they will have stock. Good dealers have VIP stock. But I am sure these dealers are all in BKK (my experience when ordering my Toyota car). Of course this all goes for all kind of production, not only Kawasaki motorbikes.

    Chang Noi
  16. Yes you did! Now I am missing my Versys a lot - similar ones to the one I sold to you go for around 10,000 Euros here... :/

    Well enjoy for me too. Take good care of her!



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