2011 Kawasaki Versys For Sale

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  1. 2011 Kawasaki Versys 650.
    White colour with black headlight surround
    Givi panniers in white to match the bike.
    Givi touring screen.
    Givi engine protection bars.
    Hyperpro rear shock fitted to lower the ride hight.
    Pirelli Scorpian Trail tyres fitted. (done about 1000 km)
    Red rim tape.
    bike is in very good condition all around and is booked into Kawasaki for new chain & sprockets to be fitted prior to selling. There are a couple of stone chips in the paint work from riding the bike and a couple of scuff marks on the panniers.
    I have over 360,000 Baht invested into this bike.
    Priced to sell at 280,000 Baht.
    Test rides can be arranged but full price of bike to be left as deposit. You crash it, you bought it!
    Please no tyre kickers, test pilots or time wasters.

    Contact Lee - 0831560649
    [email protected]

  2. Hi Cloughy,

    I have a very interested buyer, a Thai who works offshore in the drilling business; i.e. money is no issue.

    Could you p.m. me a contact number so we can get started. Thanks.
  3. This is by far one of the best looking Versys in CM. Looks absolutely stunning in real life.
  4. Don't ya just love the trolls on ThaiVisa? :oops:

    It's a beautiful bike and a couple little chips can easily be touched up, but in my humble opinion 280k is a bit steep for a bike that can be bought new for 285k. Also, you didn't mention the mileage in your ad; that's something prospective buyers will probably want to know.

    I realize you put a lot of money into it, but generally speaking most mods usually don't add significantly to the resale value of most vehicles. That said, if someone's looking for a Versys with Givi panniers, Givi screen, Givi crash bars, near new Pirellii Scorpion Trails, a Hyperpro shock and a stunning white paint job, then this is the perfect bike.

    Question about the Hyperpro shock- you mention you installed it to lower the ride height. I assume therefore that it's not a a Versys shock, or it's a height adjustable shock? From the pic it doesn't LOOK height adjustable, but maybe it is? Did you lower the front to match the drop in the rear? I assume the stock shock will be included in the bike?

    Best of luck with the sale!

    T :happy1:
  5. Hi,

    The shock did lower the bike considerably to be honest and the front end is lowered to mate the adjustment.
    Some people may be of the opinion the bike is priced too high others will agree it's a good price for what you're getting.
    The original shock and screen will be included in the sale of the bike so for anyone who isn't vertically challenged like myself they can refer it back to the original set up.
    As for the guy on the other forum ... My mother always said to me that if I've nothing nice to say then keep quiet. enough said lol
  6. Well "Tony BKK"

    He has it cheaper than a new one, but also with all the extras, seems like a decent deal to me...

    You seem always very quick to tell people that their bike is over priced, but if I remember rightly a while ago you had for sale a bike for 50 k more than you bought it for and the reason was that you had done a lot too it??? where is your logic? or is it that modifications don't count unless you did them?
  7. How many K's on the bikes clock ? no mention anywhere. Cheers
  8. I'd be interested if it didn't have all the additional guff and I knew the mileage. Each to his own I suppose, but you can't expect to include extras that not everyone would want and get a price like that.
  9. Thanks for your thought's and interesting opinions on this bike folks.
    Bike considered now sold. Deposit has been agreed and balance on collection.
  10. Beautiful Bike Cloughy, Well done on Your sale. Don't take all the Comments to serious as it seems to be the Same everytime someone advertises? To Expensive, Extras don't count, wrong Colour, not what I want etc etc. Fact is a Bike is worth what someone is willing to pay? And the Extras are relevant to someone who actually wants them? So Great stuff and hope Your Next Bike is as good looking as this one!!!
  11. I apologize to the OP if I caused any offense. My post was not meant to denigrate or take away from his ad in any way.

    As I said: "if someone's looking for a Versys with Givi panniers, Givi screen, Givi crash bars, near new Pirellii Scorpion Trails, a Hyperpro shock and a stunning white paint job, then this is the perfect bike."

    If my post was in any way inappropriate or hurtful I invite the OP to let me know and I'll simply delete it.

    Congrats on the sale!

  12. "there is an ass for every seat"
  13. The extras on this bike were good ones and added to the bike, which in my opinion does add value if you find someone who is looking for a really nice bike. The worse/weirder the mods the harder it is going to be to sell a bike for a higher value than it's stock equivalent price though. There was a guy a few months back who thought he could add the value of his insurance policy to the price of the bike because there was a few months left on it, now that is crazy!

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