2011 Model Versys(ABS) with extras

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  1. It's just one of those days...I feel like I should sell my beloved Versys because I am not going to use it as much as I would love to in the coming few months. Some extra cash would not hurt either, now that I am considering taking a new direction in my life. I am not in a rush though, so please do not contact me unless you are seriously considering purchasing a great sports-tourer. If I don't sell it, I would be happy to keep it anyways. :thumbup:

    As you might already know Versys constantly wins "Best-in-class" and has already won a few "Motorcycle of the Year" awards in the past.

    The extras on the bike cost around 35,000 baht:

    -Pirelli Scorpion Trail Tires (considered to be the best tires for these type of bikes. Ducati Multistrada also uses the same tires)
    -Kappa windshield (less than one month old, like new)
    -Engine guards
    -Radiator cover
    -First class insurance valid until June 2012

    If you buy a new Versys price is around 285,000 baht. With the extras above you are looking at a bike with a 320,000 baht price tag. Break-in was done properly and it just had its 6,000 km service at Kawasaki. The bike is still under factory warranty and no modifications that would mess with the warranty has been made on the bike.

    Green book under my name, registered and located in Bangkok. If you would like to see it, give me a call: 0816 27 1917.

    Again, I am not looking for a quick sale and I am not in a rush. But just keep the post in mind for yourself or one of your friends.

    New, lower price: THB 243,000





    Thank you,

  2. Hi guys,

    I am planning to leave Thailand in a few months.

    My Versys will be available from the first week February. If you are a serious buyer, give me a call and we can talk about a possible transfer date.

    Bike is in great condition with 9,XXX KMs (no off road). 2011 model (in traffic since November 26, 2010). Still under factory warranty and comes with first class insurance.

    Price is down to THB 243,000 (Comes with the extras listed above).

    Contact Esat : 0816 27 1917

  3. Is this bike had 1st class insurance ? and when Expire ?
  4. Esat, sorry to hear that you are leaving Thailand but wish you well where ever you end up. Good luck with the Versys sale and for sure it will be a well cared for bike.
  5. 1st class insurance until June 2012 as the original post mentions. Thanks,

  6. Thank you very much Ron. I am sure I will miss Thailand and I know I will be back from time to time.

    I know I will miss my Versys too. It's the best motorcycle I have had.


  7. Hi Esat,

    All the best for the future. Your destination has to be exceptional to beat LOS, sorry to say you will miss it. I for sure do.

    Clear skies

  8. Thank you very much Ville. I hope you are doing well.
  9. Hi Esat

    do you still have the bike for sale or has it sold

  10. Hi,

    Do you still have the bike foe sale? I'm very interested, where is the bike located?

  11. Yes, my Versys is still available.

    I am in Bangkok at the moment. Call 0816 27 1917 to make an appointment to see the bike. It is located on Thong Lo.

    Thank you,

  12. I received a deposit for my Versys yesterday. It will be delivered to the new owner at the beginning of February.

    Thank you very much for all the interest. Have a great day,


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