2011 Ninja 650R - Lime Green - 3000km

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  1. Unfortunately I'm selling my 5 month old Ninja 650R in lime green as I'm moving back to the UK for work reasons. :cry:

    3,000 km. No scratches, no dings etc. Pristine condition. Well looked after and properly run in.

    100% standard except CF replica tank protector and Leo Vince SBK oval exhaust (loud but not obnoxious). Still have OEM exhaust if you want lawn-mower mode.

    Can be seen off Suthep Road, Chiang Mai.

    Ideally the buyer will be able to transfer funds to a UK bank account but not essential.


    Please call 0843 444 056 if interested or email [email protected].
    If you want pictures I am happy to send via email.

  2. Seems like a good deal.

    A new one is what - 285,000 + tax and prep charges?
  3. Some pictures I took today.



    Mileage update 4,300km as I took her out for bike week.
  4. 257k (includes taxes, there are no "prep charges")

    The Leo Vince exhaust is 20k or so I think... not sure.

    For the mileage, still a really good deal IMO. Plus, I am rather fond of the green - excellent ;)
  5. Price reduced to 210,000 for quick sale.
  6. Update:

    New BT021 rear tyre courtesy of a screw. 5,500km - done the 6k service at Kawasaki today, so it is ready to ride away.

    Price is 210,000. Absolutely no offers.

    If it doesn't sell for this price I will keep it for when I return in 9 months.

    To save the number of idiots, time wasters and dreamers who keep calling me please consider the following;

    - I will not ride it down to Phuket so you can look at it, bike is in Chiang Mai where it will stay.
    - You cannot "borrow it for the weekend while you decide if you want it".
    - I will not accept half the money now and half in 6 months.
    - I will not sell the exhaust for 2,000 baht.
    - The colour is GREEN, not blue or black despite what you might think.
    - I will not post it to China!
    - I don't speak Russian so please don't call me 5 times at 11pm to establish this.
  7. The fun of selling a motorcycle - - - !

    It's amazing how many people call and ask what is clearly written in the ad.

    Money must be scarce these days, this bike should have sold within a week!

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