2013 Honda CB500F - 5021kms - B165,000

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  1. 2013 HONDA CB500F (5021kms) - B165,000

    Time to sell my baby so my wife & son can travel around in their own car and I get mine back! This is the blurb I have cobbled together:

    A well loved, low mileage example of arguably the most suitable bike for Thai roads. I have just had the bike serviced at Big Wing Chiang Mai in preparation for sale. First serious buyer wil buy!
    Sale due to imminent purchase of a new car.

    The bike is 18 months old and I have just made the last finance payment. I had it serviced at BigWing yesterday.

    I live at Sivalai 4 in Bor Sang near San Khanpaeng. I work during the week but am happy to receive viewings in the evening or at weekends.


    jase_manning [at] yahoo.co.uk

    O892 O92 3O1








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