2013 KLX 150 , anyone have one , or ridden one ? Need advice

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  1. Hey guys,
    Looking at buying a 2013 KLX 150. Anyone have one or rode one ? More power than the 125 ? Would like to do day trips around the Chiang Rai. I'm a western 77 Kg weight .
  2. Depends what kind of riding you like to do. In my opinion they are good fun for off road but woefully underpowered for road riding. A KLX 150 will struggle to haul 77kg up a steep hill.
  3. Was kind of thinking the same, but wanted some input. Guess it will be a 250 KLX or Honda CFR 250
  4. At 77kg you have the perfect wait for a KLX250 (or Honda). Wish I was still 77kg... Would buy a 250 of-road in a heartbeat. Great fun and value for money here in LOS.

    But I honestly think that you will bored with a 150 easily so if you have a change...go for the 250.

    Good luck.
  5. It depends on How Experienced a Rider You are. I have some KLX 140cc Bikes, they are the Off Road only version and they are an Amazing little Bike and a lot of Our Customers prefer them to the KLX 250 as they are Lower and a lot lighter. The 140 isn't sold here anymore Kawasaki tell Me so I will be Buying some KLX150 Myself to add to Our Bikes. I see a lot of Guys passing out here on KLX150 and they seem to be Flying along fine! If You are in No Rush and just out to enjoy the Scenery and Riding it will probably be fine for You! They are Reliable, Cheap to Buy, Maintain and Repair so in My opinion Fantastic Value for Money!
  6. Thanks Ian,
    Level of experience, rode trails in the states for many years . How would the 150 fair riding in the golden triangle area ? rented a 125 last year, great for around town, but always had to up and down shift in the hills. Would the extra 25cc make a difference ?
  7. Thanks Ian,
    Rented a 125 last year, fine for in town, but short of power in the hills, Would the extra 25 cc make a difference ?
  8. I'd say it depends on what you're used to. I did almost 3,000km on my trusty old Nouvo 135 in three weeks last month, first day 640 km, no problem. Did not encounter any steep hills but don't see a problem there, either. I'm 79-80kg. If you're used to 125cc the KLX150 will be an improvement, but if you ride real bikes it won't do. Personally I don't like the small 14" wheels. The whole bike is small.
    Get a 250, you'll enjoy it more and longer, and you get a better resale value. The KLX150 doesn't offer much for the price; the CBR150R is only a bit more expensive but has a proven 18hp, DOHC, water-cooled engine with FI. Of course it's a street bike, not an enduro.
  9. KZ25, The KLX 150 has 16 inch Rear and 19 Inch Front Wheel? The D-Tracker has the small wheels. I think Billpro785 wants a Bike He can do a little Exploring with around the different Trails around Chiang Rai? So the 150 is a bit more capable and an Upright Ridding position compared to the Street Bikes like the CBR? I do find it strange that the Old KLX125 was Fuel Injected yet they upgraded it to 150cc but went back to a Carb??? Doesn't make much sense does it?
  10. Yes, I assumed the same, that Bill is looking for dirt bike and not a road bike and yes, you are correct about the wheel sizes. KZ must be thinking of the wrong bike.

    So if he's planning to spend most of his time off-road then the KLX150 is a great little dirt bike, but as mentioned before, it's quite small underpowered for road use IMO.

    As far as the carb'd 150 being an upgrade, I'm pretty sure Kawasaki still manufactures and sells the Fuel Injected 125, no?
  11. Right, my mistake, the KLX has 16 and 19ers, but still is a small bike. I was thinking of the D-Tracker 125/150. I'm more into SM! :)
    As far as I know Kawasaki built a 144cc off-road only with a carb first, called it the KLX140. Then updated the 125cc engine to FI and offered it in an enduro, the KLX125, which was a bit pricey. They kept the 144cc engine for off-road. Then they offered the carbed 144cc as the KLX150 enduro for less than the 125. - Hope I didn't confuse myself!
    So it's not really an upgrade, all they did was take the existing 144cc carbed engine and put it into a street-legal frame.
    I mentioned the CBR150R because it has a much better engine and only costs a bit more; my way of saying that the little KLX is a bit overpriced.
  12. Thanks for all the replies . Bought a 2012 KLX 150, decent price, and low miles. I wanted a dirt type bike, as would like to some trail riding. Should be good for around town as well. As for touring the golden triangle, maybe a big bore kit ?
  13. If your already thinking about a big bore kit, then I think a klx250 was your best bet! A plus point for the klx150, it should be the most reliable 150 ever made with it's supreme lack of power. :-?
  14. Ask at your local Kawasaki dealer for a big bore kit called "KLX250". It's perfect for touring the GT, sells for around 160K and comes with a frame, wheels, suspension and more! :)
  15. Hi Bill,
    Hows your bike going?
    My mate just bought 1 ,nice tidy and light but small.
    We have been out on the trails and it is ok,easier to spin 360 when reaching a deadend or a 45degs of camber turn than my 250.
    Yes a little underpowered but more is less in some situations.
    I have suggested that he fits a belly pan and hand guards but thats all,don't really think it would benefit from anything else.
    He is also 6" & 100kg but it sags as much as any other scooter that a big man rides eh so wtf upgrade suspension for.
    Only problem was the vibration at the front caused by 60 bar (thai style mech's)in the tyres from the shop...TIT's
    And that it doesn't seem possible to get an English owners manual,have you got one,as we have tried the net and no results.


  16. Hi, Billpro785. I'm thinking of buying a klx 150 and would like to ask you a few questions about the bike. I tried to send you a PM, but the board said you don't receive private messages. If you're able to answer my questions, could you pm me with some way to contact you? Thanks.

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