2014 Elephant Festival

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    Elephant Festival takes place 17-19 Feb in Xayabury

    By Phouangphayom

    (KPL) The fifth annual Elephant Festival will be held in Xayabury Province between 17 and 19 February this year.

    Local authorities and people in Xayabury Province are focusing on preparing activities for festival, including sang kham hou show (a show by domesticated elephants), which will be the highlight of the event, according to Xayabury Governor Lien Thikeo.

    The festival will be organized at the grand square of the province with over 60 elephants expected to take part.

    Art performances and a trade fair will also be on display during the festival.

    The Elephant Festival serves the spirit of tourism, and represents customs, and the traditional Lao way of life, which in the past was supported by elephants, Mr Lien told a press conference last Thursday.

    "The objective is to raise understanding of elephants and the bond between elephants and their mahouts, among local people and foreign visitors, and boost economic and social development in the province, income generation, especially among elephant mahouts, and poverty reduction,"said Mr Lien.
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    My wife & I attended the event one year when held in Hongsa. It was certainly one of the most enjoyable & certainly most informative of festivals in which we participated during our years of touring SE Asia, made all the more enriching by the home-stay component, whereby we stayed in the home of one of the hill-tribe, elephant owning families.

    There was a large team of french veterinarians & there assistants working in the area & Hongsa was filled with posters, brochures & other forms of written material explaining every possible factor surrounding these magnificent animals & their mahouts.

    An adventure all who can should undertake before the traditions if not the elephants dissapear.

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