2014 Honda CB650F and CBR650F – First Look at 2013 EICMA

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. TonyBKK

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    Here's some exciting news!


    Two Europe and Asia-only models will round out Honda’s practical mid-range. Both the 2014 Honda CB650F and 2014 Honda CBR650F are equipped with a new, 650 cc inline-four and sporty styling.
    The CB650F is the naked that appears in the photo above. It features a brand new, 649cc in-line four cylinder engine making 87 bhp at 11,000 rpm and 46 lb.-ft. of torque at 8,000 rpm. It also features an all-new twin-spar steel frame and new aluminum swingarm. It’s rear shock is adjustable for preload, while the front 41 mm forks are non-adjustable, and it comes with ABS stock.
    The CBR650F will share the same engine and frame, but will come with a full fairing and clip-ons and will also allow for rebound damping adjustment.
    22734_CBR650F-770x513. 2014 Honda CBR650F

    Source: http://rideapart.com/2013/11/2014-honda-cb650f-2014-honda-cbr650f/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HellForLeather+%28Hell+For+Leather%29
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Nice promo vid for the new 2014 Honda CBR650-

  4. nikster

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    Looking really nice!
  5. monsterman

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    A2 version has only 47Hp ...ooops
  6. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Dunno what "A2" means, but perhaps it's a restricted learner model?

    Clearly this bike wasn't designed to win races, that's what the CBR600RR is for, but as an inexpensive, nice looking, comfortable, fuel efficient road bike I expect it will do quite well.
  7. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    And seeing the introduction price of the CB650F (only 80k more as the CB500F) I think the sales of the CB500F will go down.
  8. nikster

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    A2 refers to an EU license that allows new riders to ride bikes up to 47 or so HP. The idea is that 18 year olds don't get a 1000cc super bike for their first bike - pretty sensible IMO. The CBR500 has exactly that amount of HP as well. I am guessing they're offering a restricted "A2 compatible" version of the CRB650 in Europe.

    Prices for these bikes are amazing but my guess would be Tony's looking at the bigger brother at the moment - amazingly nice of Honda to actually lower prices in line with the Japan FTA!
  9. bung

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    Can't quite put my finger on it but isn't that colour scheme and gold wheels a homage to an earlier Honda model?

    Looks great.
  10. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Dave, I think it was the Old 900 Bol D'or or one of those era Bikes! Certainly a Nice Colour Scheme! As for the Power no doubt a Full Exhaust System and an ECU upgrade or Power Commander and You could up the HP quite a bit? Really Nice looking Bikes at a Fantastic Price!
  11. bung

    bung Ol'Timer

    Hi Ian, yeah, I googled it and it's the old classic colour scheme, the CB1300 used it, very eighties. Good on Honda for using it. I'm really liking this bike for the price, any in the showrooms yet? I'll be back in about 3 weeks.
  12. skybluestu

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    285,000baht for the naked and 300,000baht for the faired bike.
  13. Ian Bungy

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    Great Prices! They should sell Well!
  14. Hoghead

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    Kawi needs to step up to the plate or that will the the end of their local market dominance
    Bring on the KLR 650
  15. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    time for Yamaha to reply with the new MT09 triple ,,, at 300k . this is all getting really rather spiffy ,,,,I love that Honda paint job ,,the new VFR 800 at 450k would top it all off .
  16. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    The Honda 650 is going to put a big dent in Kwacka 650 sales. Locally manufactured Z800 will piss all over the Honda 650, but of course it costs more. The KLR650 is an ancient, reliable and extremely unexciting old tractor of a bike. In its current form I can't see it selling well in the Thai market.
  17. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    But is it not amazing how the Thai Big Bike market is changing suddenly so fast?
    New bikes almost every week / month.

    Still a shame that some nice mid-cc bikes that are for sale in Japan are not officially for sale here.
  18. loserlazer

    loserlazer Member

    i booked mine at the end of November and getting my cbr650f red like late march.
    They told me before a delivery date of Late Feb but they said production is delayed.
    I will get one of the first 12 cbr650f on earth like i got the first red cbr500r on earth with a ceremony at bigwing bangkok.
    Bike looks OK, did not like the rear end though, it is chunky. It looks like a bike for people over 40!
    cbr500r is looking much more better but i need some more power and speed as cbr500 is gettign boring.
    According to teh head mechanic at Honda Bigwing Bangkok, the bike rides nice and although ti is 16 kgs heavier than cbr500r, he said due to the low center of gravity, it feel same as cbr500r and low speeds ride is teh same he said. Bike is flickable he added.
    so, one and a half month more to wait! excited as for a long time, do not drive inline fours!
  19. Koala

    Koala Member

    The KLR 650 is a totally different proposition from the Honda - the ER6n is a better comparison. I had a 2006 model KLR, and as much as I loved the big single, I felt it didn't do anything particularly well. It was too heavy for dirt, too light at the front for road touring. And hard on the bum for extended rides. I now have a CBX500, and find it a more practical bike than the the Kwaka in every way. OK, it's not as solidly built, and cannot easily be repaired by the side of the road in Patagonia - but its much easier to ride, very stable at high cruising speeds, yet copes well with second rate roads and broken surfaces. And offers a comfortable seat for the rider and a pillion.
    While I would love the 87HP of the 650, I am not sure I really need the extra over the 500's dismal 47HP (but hey, rationality isn't the prime factor when choosing bikes).
    Mainly I want to test the riding position of the 650 - the CBX500 is like an armchair, which is great for ageing spines travelling over rough roads. Judging just from photos, the CB650f may need slightly higher aftermarket bars and some extra seat padding to match the comfort of the 500.
  20. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    That's quite a jump from 47hp to 87hp, maybe Honda should offer something in between?

    Not every rider wants to gain 40 horses and two more cylinders when the CB500 gets too small.

    Now the logical step up would be the Ninja 650 or the MT-07 - if it becomes available here.
  21. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    Is that official by now? Are the Fours available yet? - Down here in Songkhla I'm not up to date! :)
  22. loserlazer

    loserlazer Member

    finally got my cbr650f. I post these impressions on other forums but i though it should be good to pots it here as well.
    Got the third red cbr650f in this world! Again one of the first so i will be a guinea pig again albeit a really fast onebiggrin.gif.pagespeed.ce.PPA3O6zL_D.gif
    I am riding it for nearly ten days now and has already made 650 kms in the city and on the highway so now can post my first real impressions. I was at Phnom Penh - Cambodia for businessor nearly for 5 days in between though.

    1- Design: It is growing on me know. Like the mini fairing that shows the engine and like the fact that there are less plastics on the bike. Also, the hole underseat showing the rear shock is a nice detail. It looks like a half naked bike!
    Installed Active tail tidy with led lights and rear end looks better and less chubby. Anyway, once you are on the bike, who cares the design!

    2- Engine: It has been sometime since i have not been driving an inline four and my god, you cannot imagine how missed it! A lot of power everywhere, very flexible engine not like a cbr600r, has a lot of torque at low and mid revs. At 6th gear, it pulls up from 3000 rpm easily! Hard to understand on which gear i am as at all gears, it pulls all the timesmile.gif.pagespeed.ce.xM_f3u022S.gif A gear indicator is a must.
    Also had hard break in. Change the speed at gears, no constant speed and redlined it at times during first 100 km - still doing it of course with love until 12.000 ish rpm! - changed the oil and oil filter at 100 kms and will change the oil and filter again at 1000 km. Also going for a track day this weekend to test all the limits of the bike and for a better break inbiggrin.gif.pagespeed.ce.PPA3O6zL_D.gif
    Acceleration is great, really stretched and hurt my arms first couple of dayssmile.gif.pagespeed.ce.xM_f3u022S.gif
    Valve check at 24,000 km luckily this time!
    Bike makes 100 kph at first gear and 135 kph at second. I have seen 210 km until now, roads are congested in Bangkok for more. But according to my calculations, bike will show around 250 kph around redline at 6th gear. Enough for Thailand - and actually for everywhere. Bike reaches high speeds fast.
    it is a powerful engine guys, if no experience on bikes, i really do not recommend a honda cbr650f. it is blurring fast man, not a joke!
    the low torque makes the bike easy to ride in the city and provides lots of flexibility.
    Only gripe about the engine, it gets hot fast - of course normal still it does not heat the seat and where you place your legs in tank magically. But chassis, front plastics, swingarm, pipe all lava hot. But, not that bad and only a bit more than cbr500r.
    Smooth bike but a little bit noisy engine, especially revved hardbiggrin.gif.pagespeed.ce.PPA3O6zL_D.gif
    Also, one needs to be careful while operating the throttle. Roads in Bangkok are already very slippery so i take it easy on the throttle now as rear slided a couple of times.
    It is a shame for Honda though not putting a traction control for this price.

    3- Suspensions: Not like a cbr500r or Kawa er6n/f. Suspensions are pretty good if you ask me. No excessive dive at the front and mid corner pumps do not upset the handling. It is also comfy on bumps at the same time. Checked the fork and it is from Showa. Aftermarket Ohlins rear shock and new springs for the front might not be needed even for a while. I am really surprised on this factor alone but this bike will be sold in USA and Europe as a mid sized sport touring bike so actually, it has to be this way.
    But, rear shock sometime having a hard time to keep the tire on the road on bad surfaces of Thailand, smoother surfaces, not a problem.

    4- Handling: Low speed ride is easy. Still, not as easy as a honda cbr500r but still fine. it does not turn in lightening fast as cbr500r but really good for a 209 kg bike with double disc setup. High speed ride is a lot stable and front end is not light. Go through some curves and bike handles great man, finally something that can handle properly after many years.
    City ride is not that harder than cbr500r, tip toeing on the bike is also fine, you dont feel the weight much apart from u turns and parking etc.

    5- Brakes: Very good, a proper setup. Rear brake is strong and it bites too much if you ask me. Very light rear brake lever and not super easy to modulate.
    Twin discs at front is great but after 2 hours of hard city riding and lots of braking, heard the freaking high pitch sound of brake fade, still normal if you ask me on stop and go traffic but on a track, they will get cooler so dont expect problems.
    Brake modulation at front is really good, like a Honda. Also, you can adjust - 6 steps - the brake handle.
    ABS is not as conservative as in cbr500r for more sport bike credentials and it is smoother.

    6- Transmission: Classic Honda. Exact and positive, no false neutrals, easy to find neutral. My only gripe is the vague feeling while down shifting as you dont hear the clicks easily but it is still audible clicky while up shifting. Get used of it now. But this provides very light lever action, just a small touch and it up or down shifts. Modulation is OK for an inline four.
    Will get a gear indicator soon anyway.
    Moreover, hard to say something exact for tranny though as they mostly act weird during the first 1000 km so take my comments with this in your mind.

    7- Tires: They were scary at first 20 km but get grippy after that. They are good enough for any condition for now but will change them to a better ones at 10 k km.

    8- Comfort: Very comfy bike. My gf said it is the comfiest bike she sat down in her life. banana seat looks like shite but provides a lot human comfort. Rider pillion is a lot big and lots of space to move around. But a tank grip - Stomp grip - is needed for legs although bike has a plastic part on the chassis for this still not enough. It is harder to take the seat off than a two piece setup but still it is easier than i expected, surprised on this as it nicely clicks once you push it back!
    Drove 100 km two times in a row and bikes irons the irregularities on the road comfortable and suspension setup is also comfy plus the comfy seat, i can say bike is a lot comfortable. You can sit upright or tuck, whatever you like, there are room.
    I am sure it is good for commuting, touring or whatever you want. - keep in mind, i have an iron butt after 25 years of riding so might not be super objective on seat comfort but it is soft i can saysmile.gif.pagespeed.ce.xM_f3u022S.gif
    Very less space under seat but enough to get a big XENA lock, tool set, documents, a bungy cord and a sandwich and little bit more.
    Moreover, wind protection is surprisingly good. No buffeting, no lift or shake.

    9- Electronics: Light are powerful so do led light on the back and front. Instrument cluster is easy to read but now less time to check it as bike is fast man! One glance and you get all the info you need. Signals are all good and visible but changed them with led ones from my parts bin remaining from my other bikes.

    10- Overall quality: Fit and finished are nice for this price point, nothing is squeaking, buzzing or falling apart. Levers are nice and this time, will not be changing the levers. They have a good feeling.

    11- Mods: I will not be spending much on this bike as honda might release a more powerful bike maybe a 1000 cc bike here in Thailand next year or maybe the one afterbiggrin.gif.pagespeed.ce.PPA3O6zL_D.gif
    Got Active Tail tidy, R&G radiator guard and fuel tank carbon pad right away and they are on my bike now. Also installed led signals front and rear and a couple of mods from my old cbr500 like fork protectors and oil nut. In the future, will look for a pipe - under the swingarm type again - and might work on suspensions a bit and but Ohlins unit available at Bigwing. Looking for a nice tank pad as well.
    of course, will buy sliders and a couple of more protective mods . K speed - ??????? CB/CBR650F k_speed - k-speed - has some parts already for 650 series, might go there today as have a track day this weekend with my new bikebiggrin.gif.pagespeed.ce.PPA3O6zL_D.gif
    Also, Honda had contacted with r&g before so they made parts like tailtidy and radiator cover plus Ohlins made a shock for it so parts are available at honda bigwing bangkok asap and they give you 15% discount if you get the parts the same day you buy your bike!

    12- Economy: Bike trip computer shows 15.6 km per lit now. But i think it is less than that of course i break in the bike now and pushing a bit. I believe, i will get around 16 km per lit from this bike average. 13 km per lit on hard use and 19 km per lit on good boy use. Not much higher than my cbr500r really.

    Last i got around 15 km per liter - check how many liters i filled and divided it to kms i made, trip computer shows 14 km per liter - but in the city mostly. It was 19 km per lit for my cbr500r so it is good!
    Also, i think speedometer is closer to gps speeds.

    These are what i can say after 650 km.
    I am sure more will appear soon but overall, i am really surprised the ride of cbr650f.
    Suspensions are cool, bike is fast, chassis is stable, brakes are assuring so finally they reach a proper sport bike setup for this price in Thailand. A proper sport bike for a reasonable 300 k thb!!! waiting for it for along time!
    Naked version will be available next month.
    All i can say, you cannot go wrong with these new 650 cc inlince four hondas and if you are looking for a proper sport bike with touring capabilities and want to level up from cbr500r, just get a cbr650f. Best price/performance/quality value in Thailand IMO

    cant attach photos
    I am a really happy rider and dont want something powerful and bigger than this in Thailand. Just it is more than enough for here - but i always say thissmile.gif.pagespeed.ce.xM_f3u022S.gif and honda always brings something more powerful and better and i think a liter bike made in Thailand is on the waybiggrin.gif.pagespeed.ce.PPA3O6zL_D.gif
    Having a real blast after a long time and finally things get blurry a bit for me in Thailand after 7 years here!biggrin.gif.pagespeed.ce.PPA3O6zL_D.gif

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  23. monsterman

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    Thats a really nice looking bike ,,,,
  24. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    Agree, the red one looks better than the black one. Had a look at Phuket Big Wing, they had about three times as many black ones than red ones.

    Nice rear swing arm, not as cheap as the 500s.

    But the best-looking by far IMO was the yellow CB650F!
  25. Poompui

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    Yes....yellow Hondas rule.....much faster than red.


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