2014 Versys re-styled?

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by skybluestu, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. The first generation Versys had major changes after 4yrs and this is the 4th year of the second generation Versys, could the 2014 model be re-styled too?

    Now the Z800 is made here they might use the engine from that in the Versys? If so when do new models usually go on sale, wasn't it around Sep time with the ER6N and Ninja 650 when they were re-styled?
  2. Haven't heard any news or rumors about a Versys remodel, but it's certainly possible. I don't think the Versys has ever been a real hot seller for Kawasaki. Great bike, perfect for the conditions we enjoy here in Thailand, but it's awkward looks are hard to ignore.

    The big news in recent days is that Kawasaki may finally start selling the Z800 here in Thailand. Unconfirmed price is 39x,xxx Baht

    Will try and get some confirmation from Kawasaki this week.
  3. Would be nice yes but as you know the dealers are but mere puppets on strings,same as the other thread that confirms the same and has resulted in a non sale of a 6;)
  4. Anyone in Thailand experienced Versys 1000?? Looks great in all direction!

  5. ^ Saw a lot of Versys 1000 in Malaysia but have yet to see one in Thailand. Kawasaki, Thailand isn't selling them so grey-market import is the only option right now... It's basically a Z1000 with longer travel suspension and a ton of tech. Not something you'd ever want to take off road, but for touring Thailand I reckon it would be a fantastic bike!

    Since Kawasaki already sells the Z1000 and Ninja 1000 SX here, it shouldn't be hard for them to offer the Versys 1000 as they all share the same engine. Reckon it would go for a little under 700k baht- the frugal man's Multistrada ;)

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