2015 Honda CB500X, red, loaded.

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  1. 2015 CB500X with ABS, Red, @ 15,100 kms.

    BigWing invoice, maintenance records, Green Book in hand.
    The bike is less than 6 months old, still under warranty.

    Installed accessories:

    Honda Center Stand
    SW-Motech Engine Sump Guard
    Givi luggage racks (Part nr.s: 1121FZ, PL1121, M5)
    12V Auxiliary Power Socket

    185,000 BHT equipped as above. (Cost new as listed was 240,000 BHT)

    Also available are the Givi Trekker cases:

    2 x TRK46 side cases, 46 liters each.
    1 x TRK52N top case, 52 liters, holds 2 full face helmets.

    Pair of side cases: 25,000 BHT
    Top case: 15,000 BHT

    Cost of the cases new was around 49,000 BHT

    I am the original owner of the bike. Bought to travel SE Asia, and now that the trip is over, she has to go (the bike ;) ).
    I can also be reached at my cell: 09 8924 6558

    - Sunny

  2. FYI AFAIK Now a new CBR500X MSRP is approximately 209,000THB...

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