2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 First Look!

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  1. The venerable Versys has always been a fantastic bike but was overdue for a makeover. Kawasaki has completely redesigned the front end giving a more sporty Ninja-esque look along with upgraded suspension and a few other farkles such as heated grips and 12v power for accessories. Looks like a winner!





    Let the Good Times ROLL!
  2. Orders are already being taken here but still no word on pricing (anywhere in the world). Looks like black is being offered in Thailand instead of white as the alternative colour to the candy green.

  3. Its sure is looker! Some attractive upgrades as well.

    Prices beginning to show up on some Swedish sites at 79900.- (11,123 $US - 8,720€). Swedish prices usually translates to the US MSRP x 10.
    So by pure speculation US MSRP should be around $7990...(?)

    Anyway, really looking forward hearing more about it.
  4. New 650 and 1000cc models are now on Kawasaki's Thai website and the old 650 image has been deleted. Click on the flashing 'Coming soon' text below pics of the bikes and you are just taken to the top of the same 'Products' page.

    Interested to see Thai prices.
  5. Craig I was in Rama 9 Kawasaki yesterday and they had a Versys 1000 in showroom no old (current) or new model 650. The price list was for old (current) 650. I did not look for the price of 1000 one - much to big in my mind but think they may have it. They refused to give indication of 650 2015 model price even with some friendly pushing.
  6. certainly looks really nice , should be a great bike like its older dowdier brother
  7. Just been reading some Thai chatter on FB stating that the price has risen 15,000฿ for the new model, up from 313K to 328K. Nothing official yet though.
  8. There's info up for the Versys 1000 on Kawasaki Thailand webpage. Price: 619000 THB.

    Clicking the link for the 650 still loops you back to same page though. Waiting patiently.....
  9. kawasaki pattaya had new model versys 650 in showroom on friday sure looks nice .
  10. Was there any official price yet?
  11. I've read its 324K on the road.
  12. So is that Kawasaki's official price then?
  13. A rider stated that that is the price the Kawasaki dealer in CM 'officially' told him. Just don't quote me on that! :p

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