2016 CB500X

John Aero

Jul 20, 2013
Not sure if this is old news but went into Chiang Mai BigWing yesterday and they had the 2016 CB500X and think F. All the X changes that have been previously listed were noticeable - higher screen, led lights, HISS security etc. Had three matt black (what will it look like after five years?) and a much nicer stripped red one. The latter had worryingly a printed slip of paper on it in English and Thai “Repair OK” to be fair it was in upstairs stock room not on showroom. Interest to me is that price has gone up by 5000 baht to 220,000. Not too bad considering the changes. Would like to see some reviews to see if the suspension is better – think this is the main complaint about current model even for road use not just serious off road.