2017 Akha Swing Festivals

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    Some info on Akha Swing Festivals this month of August


    1. 18-20 August. Baan Mae Jan Tai, Tambon Takor, Ampur Mae Suai
    2. 20 August. Akha Kao Lang, Tambon Pasang, Ampur Mae Chan
    3. 30 August. Sanjai Pattana San Jai Mai, Tambon Mae Salong Nai, Ampur Mae Fah Luang

    If you want to know about the Akha Swing Festival look on GTR
    Akha Swing Festival, Doi Chang 2012

    Also here
    The Akha Swing Festival Thailand

    Black Eagle Flights: The official Page of Jim Goodman's Travel Writing: The Akha Swing Festival, a.k.a. ‘Women’s New Year’

    Rites of fertility - The Nation

    and if you want to stay in a nice Akha village in the mountains check this one out
    Akha Mud House
  2. A reminder for this weekend at Akha Sam Yaek


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