2018 Gtr Mae Hong Son Loop Map

Discussion in 'GT Rider Products' started by DavidFL, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. The 6th Edition - 2018 GTR Mae Hong Son is being printed now & will be available from 7-8th February 2018.
    The price remains at 300 baht for the best guide map to the legendary Mae Hong Son Loop.


    More info coming.
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  2. Sweet. I'll be up there on the 20th Feb for 2 weeks. I am guessing that the Kafe will have them :)
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  3. Dave I dont suppose you do a digital version by any chance?
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  4. Sorry. GTR is old school hard copy real map navigation.

    The new cover

    The map should be available from tomorrow 9th February 2018
  5. The first small batch is in, but all accounted for.

    The delay now is in the folding & packing. The maps were actually printed 10 days ago.
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  6. Maps are available at
    C&P Motorcycle Rental
    Mr Mechanic
    Tony Big Big Bikes
    On The Road Books

    more on the way.

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