2019 Vintagebike Rally Thailand

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    The 14th VintageBike Thailand Rally & Exhibition will take place on Saturday 16th November 2019.

    As usual it will be at the Sri Nagarinda Dam in Kanchanaburi.

    VintageBike Thailand have a Facebook page for more info, but it's pretty basic and in Thai.
    The rally site is; N 014deg 24.010' E099deg 07.261'

    2018-11-18 07.53.15-1.
    LICME club at the 13th Vintagebike Rally in 2018.

    This the largest gathering of classic, vintage & custom bikes in the country. A fantastic annual rally to attend which attracts many thousands of bikes and riders from around the country. It's an afternoon and evening Saturday event with onsite camping which is great fun. They have several stages with bands, loads of food & beer stands, autojumble and a firework display.

    Last years event; 13th Vintage Bike November 2018

    As well as all the bikes, there will be scooters, custom & classic cars, trucks and standing engine displays.

    I attended the last 2 rallies and will be going to this year's rally on 16th November. I'll take 3 days to get there from Chiang Rai on my old Triumph and may do some sightseeing around there before heading back north.

    It is a great meeting of kindred spirits. I have never seen so many bikes on the road, as seeing those heading to this rally, outnumbering the cars by 20:1. I watched one group of bikes take off from the front of a main traffic light junction, just west of Kanchanaburi. I counted over 100 bikes, nearly all noisy classic and custom machines of all sizes, leaving the few 4 wheelers following in their dust. A superb sight indeed........
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    Looks damn amazing again.

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