2195 to Loei

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  1. Stayed in Dan Sai after a great ride from Nan. Came down the little used 1268 border run from Na Noi that drops you into Na Haeo and Dan Sai.
    Best breakfast at the Love Loei Coffee at Phu Ruea to start the day. Decided on a quiet run today so headed to Tha Li and the 2195 Laos/Thai border road.

    Tha Li is a small town in a large rice growing community and has a Buddhist centre under construction with a hugh Budda as the centrepiece.

    Dropped by the Loei friendship bridge and was assured by customs and immigration that bike crossing was ok and they were ready to do. There is a large immigration office on the RHS but immigration and customs are at the bridge and very quiet. Karaoke bar in the middle of nowhere on the bridge approach waiting for business.

    The 1295 is a potholed excuse of a road but ideal for an easy day.

    Met Brian a Canadian expat from Bangkok riring a cycle from Bangkok into Laos, does an average of 100 kms a day He is a follower of the GT Rider site and gets his road reports from us. Loves Swedish women (not) haha.

    Met the local lizard catchers, a bunch of local boys with rods fitted with loops to snare the unsuspecting junch snacks, yum.

    The Mekhong River is always grand to see. Million dollar house views from the shacks. Sand mining is hugh with massive stock piles on the roadside.

    Down to the very tourist town of Chiang Khan then the short ride to Loei.

    Attached files 276695=8872-01Giant%20BuddaR. 276695=8873-02Tha%20Li%20Wat%20. 276695=8871-03Tha%20Li. 276695=8874-04Loei%20F%20Bridge. 276695=8875-05Loei%20Immigration. 276695=8876-06Loei%20Customs. 276695=8877-07Bridge%20Karaoke. 276695=8878-08Route%202195. 276695=8879-09Brian. 276695=8880-10Lizards. 276695=8881-11Hunters. 276695=8882-12Riverside%20Living. 276695=8883-13Mekong. 276695=8884-14%20Sand%20Mining.
  2. Nice pics .... and yes putholes!
    Hope to be back in that area soon (actually next week but by car as the one who must be obeyed gets a soar ass after 1hr on the bike) but boy the cool days are really over now! (just came back from a small tour to Chumpae).

    So Gary where are you heading to?

    Chang Noi
  3. Nice Gary, the border facilities certainly look a lot better since I was last there, but the road condition still looks the same.
    Hope you have a safe, but adventurous trip again.
  4. Today in Nong Khai, probably spend a week around Issan then most likely cross over to Laos to do the southern part as i did parts of Northern Laos in December.

  5. I nice place to ride, I love this region. Thank you for the illustration, I already feel the need to leave for Isan. Crossing back to Thali (from Laos) should also soon be an easy drive :).
  6. Jurgen just got back from an enjoyable 3 weeks in south Laos from Vientiene to Paske, what a cultural interest and change from Thailand. While i like North Thailand i like the Issan area too. Am presently again in Loei for a couple of weeks nursing a damaged ankle thanks to the substandard road west of Xeno and planning my next ride. Laos hospitals not recommended.


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