22 March 2013 CMTR Giveaway Event (Phrao)

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  1. Friday, 22 March 2013

    Join us for a ride to Phrao, where we will be donating personal items, and of course TOYS, to the 52 children of this school. We will also be sponsoring the building of some new hygiene infrastructure and repair to a buildings roof.

    The school is located in an easily accessible mountain area. We will ride 107 km from Chiang Mai to the Phrao location, mostly on highway 1001 which is all good paved road. You must be able to ride at normal highway speeds. As with all our events "four wheel vehicles" are also welcome to follow.

    Leading into the school is 1.8 km of graded, smooth dirt road. From our past experiences this should not present any problems for our riders regardless of motorcycle type.

    We will meet at the main Tesco Lotus, (Kham Thiang), located on the Super Highway on the north side of Chiang Mai. Google Maps

    Donations are not required as these give away events are funded by our previous year's main event and further contributions received this year.

    We will depart Tesco Lotus at 10:00AM

    See you there!
  2. Sounds like another good one & worthy cause.
  3. Back from Bangkok. See you guys in the morning.
  4. A few photos from the event.
    26 bikes on the ride.
    Thanks to everyone who came.



    New school bags


    Mums watching


    New toilet wash trough for the kids, paid by Chiang Mai ToyRide


    Akha dance






    The Chiang Mai Toy Ride Committee & the School Principals

    thank you to all who came & all who have supported the Chiang Mai Toy Ride, now in its 6th year.

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    Chiang Mai Toy Ride website

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