$250 Honda Wave 100cc in Luang Prabang

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    100cc Honda Wave with rack, ideal for touring Laos or crossing over to Vietnam and Cambodia. My friend just rode up from Don Diet (1000+ km, including 'The Loop') where the bike was purchased and he had no trouble, although its not meant for serious off-roading. I'm selling his bike for him because he must head to Thailand ASAP, while I can relax in beautiful Luang Prabang and wait for a buyer. Then I will make a rendezvous with him later on my Honda.

    Recent repairs include new electric starter, new rear wheel, brakes and bearings, new sprockets and chain, and oil change. The purchase and repairs cost him well over $400, but he wants a quick sale.

    Included in the sale:
    The bike
    Bike rack (suitable for a big rucksack)
    Bungee cords to strap stuff on
    A practical front basket
    A bike helmet
    Ownership papers, bike repair receipts
    NO license plate (my friend encountered no problems during the last month he toured Laos. Even if a problem were to occur, there's nothing a few dollars won't take care of.)

    Contact me if you're interested. Feel free to ask questions about the bike or my incredible adventure touring SE Asia!

  2. It was sold last night for the asking price.

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