2912.5km road trip(Car)


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
Hi yall

just came back home from week long road trip with car, ,,,why report in here,,, cos i did pilot trip for my new becoming Gold wing so next August i can complete similar trip with it and maybe get some one join us along the road.
my GPS shows Km 2912.5km from my garage t garage and car speedo meter shows 2746km, what leaves 166.5Met missing....

GPS covers thailand really good, did not loose connection at any time(Garmin Nuvi 310) all the roads where there and we did use small roads specially north 2159,what is Out of road bikes,,,,enduros and bikes with high ground clearance are ok,,,

i will complete my summary of roads and hotels and anything what we found intresting by this wekend, took abt 600phots as well, i will post those to my page where i have other pictures as well, later,, but have to say, it was nice trip and will be very nice road trip to complete with bike.

to be continue.....