2nd attempt Go Pro Hero Motorcycle Camera

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by saxonator, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. saxonator

    saxonator Ol'Timer

    Hi everybody,

    here's the new vdo I made today, I like it a lot better then the first one, gimme your thaughts.

    Cheers Saxonator
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  3. scotty007

    scotty007 Ol'Timer

    Excellent Saxonator, have you tried it on your helmet yet?
  4. scotty007

    scotty007 Ol'Timer

    Oops, should have watched the whole VDO before posting.
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    8) Just another boring Sunday ride from Chiang Mai eh?
    :) I'm impressed.
    :D Good stable image quality.
    I think I liked the mudguard view best, although the mudguard itself could be reduced by 40% for a better overall view? The top helmet view semed a bit too far away & not as clear.

    But all good stuff. Well done.
  6. saxonator

    saxonator Ol'Timer

    Thanks everybody for your replies! I'm quiet happy with the results and yes I agree the mud guard should be shorter to get a better view, but that all so means I will be confronted with lotsa chunks of mud etc.

    Maybe I will cut it another 10 cm.

    Watch for the next vdo, soon and thanks everybody....
  7. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Nice one, just now had a change to watch it,,
  8. saxonator

    saxonator Ol'Timer

    Marco, I forgot to answer your question from before, yes there's no remote control, but it's really easy to operate even from a bad angle.
    One more thing is, I have to clean the lens off, when offroad riding, if I don't do so I get a blurry picture, but that's pretty normal. I didn't pay attention to this while riding.

    Next time I will try the sidemount for the helmet, it's another angle that looks promising.
  9. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Thanx Matey

    That would be somethng to looking in to.
    By adding 4GB SD card,, rec timing can be extended for lets say whole day riding, if the OnOff button is easlly operated.
  10. saxonator

    saxonator Ol'Timer

    Marco, hmmm - not shure about the 4 gigabyte option, I have a lot of 2 gigabyte cards, that I swap, when in need. I think the max is 2 gigs. Will check that out.
  11. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    I did check it in the first day, it can be undated up to 4GB, what is big plus so there is no ned to carry so many 2GB,,if doing whole day rides...
  12. trevbart

    trevbart Ol'Timer

    Saxonator, thanks for the GoPro video's. looks great and good value , I had to order one for myself!

    I have not tried it yet (I'm at work now) but with a firmware update it will record up to a 4GB video file and is reported to support a 8GB SD card.
  13. saxonator

    saxonator Ol'Timer

    great, will try to get this update soon. But actually 2 GB is more then enough for me for one day. Thanks for posting.
  14. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Very cool! Might have to get one of these. I hear they are coming out with a new HD version at the end of this month!
    Happy Trails!

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