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  1. If you can't get 1st class insurance for your bike, or you find 1st class is too expensive you can get 2nd class insurance which is 3rd premium with bail bond + fire & theft insurance.
    Go here
    https://www.gt-rider.com/motorcycles-in- ... ance-cover
    to find out more / get a quote.
  2. For the guy with the Versys from Loei this morning asking me about extra 3rd party insurance today.

    Mine costs 2,564 baht a year.This is what you get covered for


    You can do it online via GTR here


    The contact
    Chalach Mahachalalai (Oak)
    [email protected]

    152 Chartered Square Building, 12A Floor, Room 12A-15B,
    North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

    It's worth it.
    You never know when something is going to happen & more than likely it won't be your fault.
    Get hit from behind at the lights; get clipped & run into another vehicle - an expensive car - or hit someone else on another bike with no helmet.
    Protect yourself as much as possible with the voluntary 3rd party bail bond insurance.
    2,564 a year = 7 baht a day.
  3. I want exactly what you've got there David. It would suit us perfectly.
  4. David, could you just clarify the insurance type you have shown in the second post. From my understanding, 2nd class insurance insures your bike again fire and theft but in the example there is no cover for this (middle column). Is it the 3rd class with the extra bail bond you have there?

  5. Yep this is the 3rd class max with bail bond.
    It worked well for me when I hit the gal on the Scooby 300 metres from my house.
    The insurance took care of all her bills & I have absolutely no complaints about the insurance rep who came out to negotiate with the injured party & police.

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