2nd Dien Bien Phu / Laos Crossing Open

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  1. World World News. Wednesday, 22/04/2009, 08:15 (GMT + 7)


    Vietnamese Dien Bien province and its Lao neighbouring province of Luang Prabang jointly inaugurated the Huoi Puoc - Na Son border gates at a ceremony in Muong Loi commune, Dien Bien district, on Apr. 22.

    Speaking at the event, the Chairman of Dien Bien province’s People’s Committee and the governor of Luang Prabang province stressed that the opening of the Huoi Puoc - Na Son main border gates opens up a new direction for cooperation between the two countries in general and between Dien Bien and Luang Prabang provinces in particular, meeting the desire of people in the border localities.

    The upgrade of the border gates will also facilitate trade and socio-economic development in the two border provinces, contributing to maintaining border security.

    The two provinces also plan to invest in building infrastructure, especially the roads linking to the Huoi Puoc-Na Son border gates.

    Source: VNA

    Comment: This is a new crossing to / from Luang Prabang province & is in addition to the Phongsali Sop Houn / Tay Trang -Dien Bien Phu Vietnam crossing further North. This new crossing is on the GT Rider Laos map.
  2. Please note this is not an international border crossing at this time.
  3. Anyone knows if it now is possible to cross the border at Na Son-Huoi Puoc?
    I thought it was a locals border only but this article suggests it is an international border too.
    Especialy the last sentence:"They proposed the two governments and relevant agencies speed up the construction of infrastructure facilities, especially roads to the border gates and border communes, the Tay Trang-Pang Hoc and Huoi Puoc-Na Son international border gates as well as border markets.

  4. Meanwhile I tried it. It's a very nice ride to the border but it's still a local only border.
    'No stamp' they told me.
  5. Thanks for the tip off.

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