2nd Phuket GT-Rider 'Get Together' Monday Feb 4th

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  1. For any 'lurkers' out there living on Phuket, we are having our second 'GT-Rider, Phuket Division' luncheon.

    Venue: Sailors Rest restuarant, Chalong Bay, next to Jimmy's Lighthouse
    Date: Monday Feb 4th
    Time: 1pm

    Myself and Bush Pilot (Alex) will be there, and we will try and get another couple of members along if they are not too busy

    087 418 1227
  2. An enjoyabal l meal was had yesterday in a bay side cafe overlooking the boats bobbing on Chalong bay

    Those in attendence were:

    Bush Pilot (Alex)
    Siinthai (Simon)
    Noel Ackers
    Tropical Johno

    even though there were only 4 of us, there was a lot of cross talk conversations, how about this for statistics:

    2 of us have done a lot of flying, as a pilot
    2 of us own BMW 11xx GS
    2 of us own Honda Degree's
    2 of us own Honda Phantom's
    2 of us currently own catamarans in excess of 35 ft
    2 of us are true Aussies
    2 of us have already been into Laos

    perhaps see if we can get some more guys along next time, and see what they have in common, I know of another Honda Degree owner living close by, but he doesn't like to return my fone calls. (Believe he is French....)
  3. That explanes :wink:

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