2ndThai-Lao Friendship Bridge Festivities


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
(KPL) A Lao-Thai friendly bike racing across the Friendship Bridge over the Nam Heuang River between from Thailand’s Loei province and Laos’ Sayaboury province will be held in late October.

Preparations for the race was disclosed by Mr. Seri Chitanaseri, Vice-President of the Thai-Lao Friendship Association at a press conference held here on 26 August, Vientiane Capital.

This was the third race to familiarise Lao and Thai people as well as foreign tourists with the Nam Heuang Friendship Bridge as an important regional gateway for the expansion of co-operation on communication, transport, tourism and culture between the two neighbours.

The race is also aimed at promoting the co-operation along the common border and helping income generation of local people.

Scheduled on 27 October, the racing will feature various sport events including Lao-Thai Friendship mini marathon, a football match, badminton and boul games.

In addition, an exchange culture and trade between Laos and Thailand will also perform at the event.

The bicycle caravan will cross the bridge on 28 October.

Comment: If you're in the area at the time it might be worth checking out just for a laugh.