2x Heindenau K60 Scout Rear - 1x Mt60 Front For Sale

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  1. MT60 Corsa with about 2,000km (500Bht)
    IMG_2214.JPG IMG_2215.JPG IMG_2216.JPG
    1x Heidenau K60 Scout 130/80/17 Barely used 2500bht
    1x Heidenau K60 Scout 14/80/17 Less than 3000km. Puncture repaired - steam and patched in 2 places 2000bht
    IMG_2220.JPG IMG_2221.JPG IMG_2222.JPG IMG_2223.JPG
  2. Heidenau tires were used for a review only and were swapped for another tire which we are reviewing.
  3. Where do you get the Heidenau tyres from?
  4. From Asiana Moto.
    Catching them when open is a difficult task as they are usually competing in the Baja or other races.
    Asiana Moto - Borderless Riding
  5. Thanks.
    How do you rate the tyres then?
    Any good for "touring?"
    I could be interested to give them a go if there's a size for the Vstrom, as long as they "last."
  6. Did a review here if you don't mind me posting it.
    They do have sizes for the v-strom

    Last 10,000km plus, compound quite hard.
    Not so great on wet tarmac.

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