3 Country Trip / Bike Rental?

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  1. Hi Everybody

    A friend and i wanna do a bike-trip through North-Thailand, Laos and Camodia. But it looks very difficult to rent a bike and take it to an other country.
    Does anybody know a place, where we could rent a bike for a trip like this (3 Weekes) or do we have to buy a bike, if we wanna go to an other coutry?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Old thread...

    I'm a cashed up old bloke - so this may not be relevant to you... Money isn't so much of the problem for me, but losing time in my short vacation is...

    Also, when I've looked at it, my intent was to leave and re-enter Th at the same crossing...

    The hassle to take a bike across the border just doesn't seem worth it. You will lose a significant if things go smoothly, and even more if it doesn't...

    My intent would be to hire a bike in Th, leave it at the border, hire another one in the country where you next want to ride...

    You would be paying to hire both bikes for the days when not in Thailand, but the insurance of not having hassles seem worth it to me.

    Not that many bikes have insurance in Thailand - but I'd also consider the extent to which the 3rd Party Injury insurance would follow you across the border.


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