3 D-Trackers chase the Phantom to Lampang Lignite Mine

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  1. Route - 1317,1006,1229,1230,4006,3003,4027,3027,11,unknown,1,5006,1274,1184,4010,1033,116,106

    Distance - 410 kms

    Slash (Colin) - Phantom
    Fishenough (Kevin) - D-Tracker
    Blister (Art) - D-Tracker
    Ally ...(Me!) -D-Tracker

    It was a 09:00 start at The Kafe but as it was raining so hard, we sat & chatted for a while. Well it wasn't easing up, we were already wet so off we set out of town on the Mahidol Road towards San Kamphaeng on the 1317.

    Before you read any further, today was so wet that I rarely took the camera out of the plastic bag it was wrapped snuggly in, within my rucksack. Sorry.



    At On Tai we took a right onto the 1006 which becomes the 1229 & up over the mountain to the 1230 & 4006 junction where we turned right again.


    At Tha Pla Duk we turned left & onto the 3003 through to Khun Tan National Park. The roads were full of sand washed from the banks of the road but the D-Trackers handled it well. The Station was very busy, 1 train parked, another passing through and an engine changing going on, plus loads of dogs & chickens looking for scaps of food, it was hardly the quaint little place I saw the last time I was here.

    As usual, we stop for a natter in the middle of the park.


    On the other side of the park the road becomes the 4027 then the 3027 and we join highway 11 next to Hang Chat Amphur office where we turn left & head towards Lampang.

    Lunch was @ Bic C in the Food Court as being Sunday, this seemed to be the only place in Lampang open serving food!

    After a lunch it was back to the 11 and straight over the lights at highway 1 which is also the 11 but meets up with the 11 at Yonok Junction near Lampang civic offices. We turn right and climb the mountain and over the brow, we take the left onto an un-numbered road to Mae Mo.

    There appears to be plenty to see along here right & left, the volcano, reservoirs& the power station but our destination is further on. The massive open cast lignite mine.


    This place is just so wide & so deep it is truly impossible to see it all and despite riding down into the mine, against the wishes of Mine Security, we seem to have only just scratched the surface (pun intended!).


    So having been chased off the premises, we headed back the way we came and returned to Lampang on the 11 and to the junction of highway 1 where we turned left.

    At Ko Kha we left the 1 and found the 5006 which parallels the 1 and then meets the 1274 to Soem Ngam.Further on we get to Ban Puang and join the 1184 and turn right & head north towards Lamphun.

    DSC_8609.jpg DSC_8610.jpg

    At Nam Mae Ao we take a right and join the 4010 which takes us through to the 1033 where at the junction of the 116 just south of Lamphun, we split & head for home, 2 of us taking the 106 and the other 2 heading for the 11 & back into Chiang Mai.

    A very enjoyable ride, great roads and a wonderful day's ride on my new bike. It was a shame about the weather, wet = no pics, clouds meant it became dark early and the threat of thunder meant the Mung Maow were out in force pelting our visors at times like snow.

  2. Ally
    1st that is stunning picture with the fantastic view far far away...

    2nd is that Mae Moh Lighnite mine?
    if so there was big explosion many yrs ago and many people got infected and got Decease form it. (it's safe now days)
    but really nice over view from it.
  3. Wow- cool report and some great pics despite the rain.

    But why would a D-tracker ever have to chase a Phantom? Shouldn't it be the other way around? :wink:

    Happy Trails!

  4. Marco - It's a grim place for sure.

    Tony - You haven't seen the Slashmonster ride !! Anyway I was going to title it "3 D-Trackers chase the arse off the Phantom" but pruned it at the last minute. :twisted:

  5. Quality over quantity with your pictures Ally, nice pictures as always; myself being too lazy to bring the camera out even once.

    It was fun having a big 'dirt pit' to play in; slipping and sliding really helps bring back the confidence with two wheels. Also it was most excellent to get out and break in the new seat; what a difference! Though there is a picture on your web site, are you going to share with everyone your custom air seat for the D-Tracker?

    Best Regards,
  6. It was fun riding with you guy.Thank alot
  7. Blister
    Great to see you out riding with the GT Riders.
  8. Hey Blister ! It was great riding with you too.


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