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  1. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    As everyone in my place now has got a bigger bike, we decided to go on a daytrip to test both bike (CBR250R) and newbie Bigbike-rider Neung.

    Neung - CBR250R
    Preuk - NINJA250R
    Franz - FJR1300A

    Distance: 400kms

    Routes: 107 to Chiang Dao, 1178 to Arunothai, 1340 to Doi Angkhang, 1249 & 107 to Chaiprakarn, 1346 & 1150 to Phrao, 1001 back to CNX

    As the rain on the night before cleaned up the roads and air for us, the first few kilometers to Mae Rim were quite chilly and the air was high on moisture and fog but the roads were clean and not so slippery anymore. First we had to get some nutrients so we decided to stop at the X-Center for some good breakfast.


    After having filled our stomachs we rode at a leisurly pace up to Chiang Dao and then further on to Arunothai. As Neung is a newbie on a bigbike, I told him to take it on his own pace and not to worry about speed but to concentrate as to what lays ahead. In the beginning he never rode more than a slow 80kms/hr but that gave Preuk and me the chance to stop & wait and have a smoke. After Arunothai it cleared up a little but not enough to take some photos of the hills, here we stopped near Doi Ankhang, on the 1340, shortly before this viewpoint there's some roadworks so slowly - slowly was the rule.


    Coming into Di Ankhang we finally got some sunshine. Amazing was that even this was a Sunday we were nearly alone there, no visitors at all, maybe 3-4 cars with other plates than CNX.......but finally Neung seems to have got the feeling of his new toy and other than mentioning that his wrists hurt, he did a good job, even on the gravel.


    After a short mum-mum, we carried on down to his place in Chaiprakarn where he got the ahhhhh's and uhhhhhh's from his family for both bike and equipment. To put a little individual note on it, he asked me to play with some rim-stripes. As his jacket has some blue in it, I put some blue rimstickers all over his bike, fitted both the 30 lts GIVI topbox and as he insisted also the small sidecases. Now he can go with me on a longer tour.


    The way back to CNX we decided for the lovely 1346 to Phrao and from then on it was 'squeezing time' back to home. I have ridden a mere 100-120 the whole day which brought the overall consumption of the FJR to 37.5 gallons per mile (don't think I ever achieved that before), so I decided to twist the throttle a little bit, well at home I had to wait for Preuk another 15 minutes and for Neung it came to half an hour.

    The amazing thing about this ride was the consumption of the CBR, he did the trip on one tank !! The Ninja could have done it also nearly on one but then the risk at the end would have been to big and maybe he would have been stranded shortly before home. As for the FJR, well one tank of 91 was all she needed but then, the tank is more than double the size as on both smaller bikes.....

    It was a real lovley ride, no complaints by anybody, not the usual farang rant about everything on the way, just pure riding pleasure and pleasant company. To be repeated on another route soon.......

    cheers, Franz
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Nice report Franz & good to see some fresh air out there.
    The fuel economy on the CBR is incredible & it makes me seriously think about the AT again- petrol! It cost 800 baht to fuel up for the first time a day ago & I was wondering how long that was going to last - not long. Fuel injection is calling....
  4. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the comments guys !
    Yes that short trip showed some amazing things, first the petrol consumption of the CBR, coming close to a scooters consumption.
    Second, I think I finally found the right tyres for the FJR. Fitted Pirelli Angel ST the last time and they are now at 3000kms and do show absolutely no onesided wear on the right as all other tyres before (Dunlop's, Bridgestones and Diablo Strada's & Rosso's). Longest lasting were the Strada's but also them I could throw into the bin after 7000kms, best grip and performance were the Rosso's but life was no more than 6000. And as for the Dunlop's and Bridgies, well they didn't perform as good as any Pirelli and were gone shortly after passing the 5000 km mark. So Angel ST it is for the FJR, they stick like the Rosso's, in the wet they perform better, cost a little less and seem to be the absolute right choice for this heavy shaftdriven bike.
    Third, the longer I wear my new RACER SpeedTop gloves the more they fit like a condom, never had such good leather gloves............
    Cheers, Franz
  5. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Nice report Franz, and sure great that you had rather empty roads - so much more fun this way. Wow,the fuel economy of that cbr sounds great ...so it did like 400km with a 13 ltr tank , right?
    The blue rim stripes do make it look better IMO. The top & sideboxes sure ain't bad when you planning to tour with the bike .
    Umm, the gloves...i think someday i will wear real Bikergloves too :) , not just the Caterpillar "Mining" Gloves from an OZ friend who brought them as a present - although they wear pretty comfy but don't offer the protection you have from something like RACER SpeedTop gloves.
  6. Bkk848SF

    Bkk848SF Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the report and pics. Looks like it was a great time.
  7. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Bkk848SF, yes was a jolly good time with the guys............

    Reinhard, yep the fuel consumption comes down to that, but seeing Neung, he never revved more than 9000 rpm me thinks, wouldn't that be a bike for you ??
    Also the Ninja was quite frugal as both always stayed together in the mountains. Anyway just look under sales, there's a guy called Ssimon, he's the buddy of the guy that I bought the CBR from and saw that Ninja250R on hand-over, it's a steal, you should consider that.
    Another opinion on CBR and Ninja, just looking at some basic things like fairing, reason the Ninja is more expensive is partly also because of better build quality. The screen on the CBR is ahemm, flimsy.........but you can't fault it for that price.........cheers, Franz
  8. CBR250

    CBR250 Ol'Timer

    I've got 30,000 km on my little CBR and only now decided to watch the fuel economy.

    Filled up to the first time the gas nozle clicked off, so not even a full fill. I have so far done exactly 200km of Bangkok city commuting... and out of 6 bars*... I have 3 bars left.

    *The 6th bar was only on for a few minutes before going down to 5 as it wasn't a full fill-up.


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