3 Rail Motorbike trailer

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    Imported Stema Brand 3 rail bike trailer. German design and quality.

    Holds 2 big bikes with loading rail or 3 dirtbikes (but you have to levitate the last bike on by magic as its using the rail).

    Fully galvanised, with a spare wheel and inertia / hand brake.

    Best of all it has a 100% legal tabien road registration and plate, watch the disappointment as police realize they cant fine you, often after telling you its illegal and they cant be registered for the road.

    50 grand, OVNO.. The golf in the backgrounds going too !!

    Located San Kampeang near Chiang Mai. For some reason I dont consistently get subscription or PM alerts from this forum.. Can email me at mail @ seftonhanley.com if I dont respond.






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    VW Golf going cheap still available.

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