30 days in Vietnam by bike - here's my video!

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  1. cbg0927

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    Crossed into Vietnam at Dien Bien Phu in the north, rode the Sapa region, Hanoi --->train to Dong Hoi with bike-> Phong Nha -> Hue -> Hoi An -> Tuy Hoa -> Hon Gom Peninsula -> Nha Trang -> Phan Thiet -> Saigon -> Exited at Ha Tien and took the bike to Sihanoukville, Cambodia to sell!

    Hope you all enjoy the video. This was an awesome experience and I'd highly recommend it to anyone considering it!

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  3. DavidFL

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    Nice vdo, makes me want to go back to North Vietnam. :p

    BTW how was the border crossing - where did you start & finish from?
    Lots of people ask about how the Vietnam - Lao border crossings work so if you want to give us a bit of a run down on how it worked for you would be great.
  4. cbg0927

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    I started in Luang Prabang, crossed from Laos to Vietnam at Dien Bien Phu, finished in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The border crossing was a complete piece of cake, the guards just needed to see the owner's card, and the temporary export card (since I was coming from Laos) and I was good to go! When I actually wheeled my bike through the border they took another look at the owner's card to make sure the bike registration number matched the one on the frame.
  5. Skytrain

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    owesome !!so no probs with cops driving your own bike in Vietnam (?) that sounds a great november plan! thanks for sharing!
  6. Skytrain

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    doing some research again.but it seems there is problems crossing the border (old story) if you don't get permits through an agency/tour .did u arrange that to get in?and where was your bike registered pls,thailand or laos? thnx

  7. Rod Page

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    Any commentary on preferred places to visit?????

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