3000 KM Trip on my Lifan Cross 200

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  1. Hey everyone,

    As the title says, I just took a 3000 KM journey around Thailand on my Lifan Cross 200. I left from my house in Buriram and went all the way down to Trang, then over to Koh Lanta, Phuket, etc, and then all the back to buriram. The whole trip took 14 days.

    I'm doing a day by day write-up on my blog...


    Here is a pic of the Lifan packed up and ready to head out!


    Let me know what you think!


  2. I'm no mechanic, but I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to be there!

  3. Nice group of people I met in Hua Hin.....two German lads to my left and a girl from Korat on my right.

  4. 3,000 km on a Lifan - did you have any technical trouble? If not, maybe I have to revise my opinion on Chinese-made bikes.
  5. G'day Ryanwiley

    Some tips that may help you mate. Be careful what you right in your blog after all this is Thailand. The fine you received says four hundred baht written in Thai.
    If you get lost in Bangkok find a knowledgeable motorcycle taxi driver show him on map where you want to go and get him to lead you there, organise a good payment before taking off as many taxi's just want to stick to their surrounding suburbs.
    K225 I believe its only the start of his trip, don't believe Ryan has completed the 3000 K's. Using the bike every day should help him and other members have had some good experiences on the Lifan bike, some have not, good luck.
    Keep a cool head Ryan and enjoy the journey, if you get lost or your plan is unintentional changes just go with the flow mate and enjoy.

    Cheers Ken F
  6. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for pointing out my mistake about the ticket. I've just changed the original blog post--no point in creating new enemies!

    About the trip, I have finished it. My plan was to document the trip day by day as I went, but it just didn't happen. I found that after a day of hot. sweaty riding--alone--all I wanted at the end of the day was to get cleaned up and meet some other travelers to hang out with. Of course, this always led to drinking, and at the end of the night I wasn't in any shape to write coherent blog posts. So, what I did was take a lot of pictures and write down what I was doing and how I was feeling in a notebook. Now I'm going back and doing the day-by-day write-ups.
  7. I had a good look at the Lifan before I opted for the CRF. I have to say the finish is sometimes rudimentary but then you have to remember how much, or in this case, how little you are paying for a new bike. 3 Lifan Cross = 1 CRF250L.

    It's also worth a mention that those 3 - wheeled red bikes, two wheels at the front one at the rear that are so commonly used in markets around Thailand mostly have a Lifan engine. Has to say something.

    As a footnote, when I posted here on this forum about which road/off road bike to buy, the Lifan Cross or the Honda CRF250L, one reason I was advised to choose the Honda would be for it's strong resale price. I now know this not to be true. If you take the price of a new CRF250L, then deduct the offers I have received, I could buy a new Lifan Cross from the difference.....
  8. About the Lifan...

    I had one mechanical problem with it, but it was my fault, really. Before I left, the bike had 10,000 km on it. I was having to adjust the chain about once every two weeks. Everyone told me to change the chain and sprocket before I left....but I didn't listen!

    I should have. The chain popped off the first time in Hua Hin, as I was coming down the steep hill from the mountain lookout. I put the chain back on and went to a shop to get the chain tightened. I made to Chumpon the next day. I left for Surat Thani the next day. The chain popped off again. When I got to Surat Thani, I had the chain and sprocket changed for 950 Baht.

    After that, which was my fault, really--caused by a lack of proper maintenance--the bike ran perfectly!

    KZ25, should that change your mind about Chinese bikes? Not really, at least not totally. I'm going to do a full write-up about the Lifan Cross 200 as soon as I finish the trip Write-ups. The bottom line,though, is that the Cross 200 is a pretty low-quality machine.

    In the first 6 months of owning it....
    • I had to replace the front brake caliper
    • I had to replace the frayed and snapped clutch cable--twice
    • I had to replace the clutch (under warranty)
    • I had to replace the tires after about 5000K
    • I had to take apart the throttle, because it had become so tight that twisting it was giving me arm cramps! (bit of chain lube did the trick)
    • I had to have the main jet in the carburetor cleaned out (was clogged up and only the idle jet had fuel going through it)
    All that being said, I love this bike for what it is.
    • I only paid 45,000 baht for it.
    • It's so simple that even I can work on it.
    • I've abused it off-road lots of times (and had a blast)
    • I rode it to Pang Si Da national park--and then to the end (and back) of the 30 km dirt road through the park (from Buriram)
    • I rode it from Buriram all the way down to the Trat / Cambodia border (3 days) Here' s a trip report with pics (beautiful ride) http://www.liveinasiablog.com/2012/08/buriram-to-khlong-yai-my-3-day-1200-km-motorcycle-ride/
    And the kicker is that when I bought this bike I had already made my mind up--I was there to purchase a Honda Wave! But when I saw the much bigger Lifan, I went for it! ...and look at all the fun I've had! I would not have taken any of these trips had I bough the Honda Wave!

    Is it comparable to a KLX or the Honda equivalent? No, not even close, but if your budget is 45,000 Baht (not 145,000) then the Lifan is, in my opinion, worth buying!
  9. For an indication what a Lifan can do see Steve Canyon's ride reports and Blog. Steve road over 10,000 kilometers in Laos this past riding season on a Lifan Explorer 200SM with little modification. I was lucky to be with Steve when he hit that 10k kilometer mark! I would not mind giving one a try. They even have a water cooled 250 model available but not sold in Thailand...at least that I know of.


  10. He wrote: "I took a journey..." and "..the trip took 14 days" so to me he's done it already.

    Losing a third of the value of a CRF is better than getting a third of the value of a Chinese product...
  11. fair play to you Ryan for being so honest about the lifan, it may have its problems but i would much sooner own that than a wave, i have an old wave, very rarely use it but it will be there ready to kick over when my klx or versys break down, it never lets me down but its terrible on your hands and feet after an hour in the saddle.

    if you are ever around Roi et give us a shout and we will ride somewhere, theres not alot of us in Isaan, ide also like a go of the Lifan, its a pretty good looking bike.

    Really well written blog

  12. Hey Jimbobs,
    I've met a few riders out here and we take trips quite often. I've just been clued on to what I hear is a great waterfall about 2.5 hours out of Buriram. Maybe a group trip? Also, I've never been to Roi et, although I've been meaning to ride out and take a look around. Maybe meet up for something in the next couple of weeks!


  13. from reading this ...contemplating to buy a similar bike. in malaysia we have KTN 200...china bike but engine if not mistaken replika from the ol suzuki dr200 n thats what i heard.price new rm8000 around thb80000. though i have a versys 650,klr 650,honda ex5 (100cc) and elegan scooter (150cc) , dont mind an offroad bike for extended adventures.
    thks for the interesting adventure of yours.

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