31st Bangkok Motor Show 26 March - 6th April BITEC


Sep 4, 2007
Well I uploaded all my pics for this and my Tiger factory report as normal, wrote the report and then was told all my pics too big. Max size 800pixels. Sorry but I just do not have time to convert and upload them again. Fortunately the official site:
http://www.grandprixgroup.com/motorshow ... efault.asp
Has a fantastic selection of pictures. click on the manufacturers icons.

So here some comments: Pictureless:

Visited the show Saturday 27th after the visit to the Tiger factory. Parking at the exhibition centre at weekends in a car is a real nightmare. Took 90 minutes to park once at the site, and 30 minutes to get out. If you are visiting at the weekend, take the bike, or park somewhere nearby and take a tuk tuk.
A very busy show with some excellent quality displays and shows, lots of eye candy and looked as it the exhibitors were taking many orders for cars, especially Toyota. The lack of brakes and sudden acceleration issues have been accepted by Thailand with the usual, never mind attitude.

I am not so interested in cars and so cannot offer anything exiting on what to see that is new. I did enjoy a great selection of what looked like good quality tools, not always so easy to find in the provinces.
As far as bikes go. BMW, Yamaha,Kawasaki, Honda ,(Honda had the VFR1200 behind glass, but no price or anyone who could talk about it to me.), and Suzuki had big bikes on display, but surrounded by small bikes, (apart from BMW which were surrounded by cars) and difficult to find anyone to talk about the big bikes at Suzuki or Honda. Yamaha big bike guys are going to be present
this weekend. One Ducatti seen at an accessory stand and a very small Tiger display

A well attended show, with high quality displays etc, but really for car enthusiasts, with big bikes an addon.
As stated before, many good photos on the official site, Sorry if the report a bit anaemic without my pics. Will make sure future uploads are compliant, but I am not happy with that because it means I cannot use my Photobucket uploads for other purposes. It will definately reduce my photo posting on this site.