"New" Honda XR250 Baja for sale

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  1. Lek & Gung at Mr Mechanic have ended up with a "spare" newish XR250 they got in for a buyer, who has changed his mind (bastard!)
    The bike is "new" with I think 10,000 kms on the clock. Straight from the importers in Bkk & never been rented out.
    Asking price is 105,000 baht.
    4 Soi 5 Moon Muang Road
    Tel: 053214708. Mobile 018824402

    Keep the power on
  2. the mr-mechanic website is not valid
    does Lek or Gung have an email address

  3. Onboard,

    Also check out BarryBBq's XR250 advertised elsewhere on this site: http://lists.state.gov/SCRIPTS/WA-USIAI ... &O=D&P=514

    Sweet bike & plated.



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