"Short-Cut" on MHS Loop?

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  1. Have riden the big Loop several times and am now looking on a map that indicates a road running west from Khun Yuam over the mountain (Route 1263). There's a T-Junction with Route 1088 which runs North/South. And here is where I need some help: My map shows a non numbered road in small line over the big mountain (Doi Inthanon) to Samoeng.
    Is this road viable for a 400cc Honda Steed? (Or any bike for that matter).

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  2. OOps, sorry I meant to say "EAST" from Khun Yuam (Not West)
  3. Stan
    You must be back in town mate - welcome back.
    I'm in Vientiane right now & no MHS map with me, so not 100% sure which road you're talking about, but if you're referring to the dirt one that runs around the top "north" side of Doi Inthanon, from Sop Wak? to Huai Tong, then NO it's a dirt track & on a 400 Steed more than likely a goat track for you.
    The other one might be the Siriphum waterfall - Khun Wang- Nong Tao road to link up with R1013 (from Sanpathong.) This now has a route # 1286? Last time I was on it there was about 4 -6 kms of easy (but greasy if wet) dirt. This should be ok for you. But is also seems as if Capt Slash has done this one recently & it is now all asphalt.
    Good luck & let us know how you go.
    See you back in Cnx on the weekend for drink or two.

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  4. Stan

    Here is a story from someone who did that road in a 4WD.

    http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/Reader20 ... er2303.htm


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  5. Hi Dave - Thanks for the info. And no, I'm not back in town yet unfortunately but should get to CNX by mid-March if all goes well.

    BobS has replied to my road question with a great report in StickmanBKK site but I wanted to know how the road that comes into Samoeng from the West - A small squiggly red line on a detail map I have. Essentially wanting to go from Khun Yaum east on Rt that goes over Inthanon but not the one crossing more south into Mae Wang, but failing that I could do this run from Mae Chaem instead via Rt 1192 > 1013 > San Patong but the more back way up north looks a lot more adventureous to me.

    Anyway lots of time to be in CNX first after I do arrive from the USA and perhaps we can sit with a map over a few brews or dinner at the Kafe, huh?

    Looking forward to being there again and soon.

    And thanks Bob for that good link to Stickman, thats a great site.

    -When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It.
  6. Stan,
    I think I know the road youre talking about.
    Rode through Inthanon and spent the night in Mae Chaem back in Sep 2004.
    I took that squiggly red line to Khun Yuam.

    The road is about 80% tarmac and cut up at sections and there's a dirt and gravel section.
    Overall you shouldnt have a problem on a Steed but mind you my info is almost 2 years old.

    Strangely enough at that time I thought it was the best section. Its quite isolated and youre riding on the mountain ridges most of the time. The views are quite spectacular.

    You can fill up in Khun Yuam, and back then there was a gas station in Mae Chaem. I stayed at a delightful guesthouse in Mae Chaem, overlooking the padi fields.
  7. Thanks for the info FB666Y, and yes, thats the road I mean - Wanted to see if was passable or if it were even a real road (Not some squiggly red line arbitrarily drawn (No reflection on David Unk)....

    Am in BKK now doing a course and wont get up to cnx till late May however. Hope any rains leave the road in passable condition at that time.

    -When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It.

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