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  1. I need some motorbike advice so of course I came here.
    I recently, well recently if you consider it in terms of months, purchased a second hand motorbike. The bike was purchased sight unseen, not the best idea I know, and the money was transfered across on July 13 or there abouts. There was an unspecified waiting period as I had to get it licensed. The man I purchased it off works overseas one month on, one month off. He left to go away around the 20th July saying he had set the paper work in motion and should be ready in about a months time. No problem for this bike I can wait a month, a month passes and I recieve an email saying the Thai he had asked to process application had not done so. So he started the process again. I have now been waiting two months and the paperwork has still not come through, although he offered me a partial refund. The last I had heard he was waitng for the book and the Thai authority wanted to have it checked to make sure it was not stolen.
    The long and short of it is the paper work for the license plate went through on around 20 August should it take this long for the paperwork to process or is he having a bath at my expense and gone off with the money.
    I hope someone can allay my fears,
  2. It can take six months to properly register a bike, the paper work goes in then they have to inspect it then some papers are issued , reg book etc , and after another wait the number plate arrives.If the bike has impoert papers then all should go well eventually , but if no import papers you are stuffed.
  3. Who has the bike? You I hope.
    Sounds a bit fishy. Was the bike registerd before you bought it or had someone been riding around with no plate, etc.? IE is this the first time the bike has been registered? If so Monsterman is probably right.
    If not and all it is is a change of ownership I would make an appointment with the "gentleman" next time he comes to Thailand to get all the paperwork from him and do it yourself.
  4. No the bike was without papers, this would not have been a problem for me but my boss did not want an unlicensed bike around. As I live where I work I was about to back out of the deal when he mentioned that he could get me papers in a month.
  5. I have put plates and books on quite a few bikes and the general time period i put on this process is around three months.... so I think you may have some time to wait yet.
  6. Thanks. That is more or less what I figured, shitting myself it is going to turn into six months.

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