'NERVE' Mesh jacket and trouser set.. with protection.

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by thaicbr, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Ok .. i recently wanted a light weight mesh jacket for the shorter runs.. I saw the 'NERVE' brand on mocyc at 320SP. So i thought ok lets try it.. i'm not a small guy (in fact many would say i'm a fat bastard, but i dispute that.. i know my dad)

    any way went on down to 320 shop in Chinatown.Bangkok.www.320sp.com..... a bugger to find but got there in the end.

    So i tried on a few sizes.. very helpful, fun staff.

    The fit is very Euro. the shoulders and elbow arm was perfect. It felt comfortable from the 1st instance of putting it on. Unlike some of the Japanese brands.

    The trouser are a bit hot around the ball hanger region but ok.

    ALL in 4,000b for jacket and trousers in euro larger sizes...perfect.

    PS: Being nylon i do not expect them to last if i do have a slide.. but they are cheap and will still give reasonable potection.

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  2. Thanks for the tip off on 320SP. It looks like quite a shop.
  3. Thanks for the info. I am also looking for some riding gear. 5'7" 195lbs seem most jackets here are to tight around the waist. Thinking about ordering a joe rocket from the usa.I looked at some pro biker gloves online from 320. They are dirt cheap @250baht. Compared to 450up at every other shop. Of course i am wondering if they are copies? i also think the 450 up ones may be copies. It would be better if i lived near their shop.
  4. Just got a Revit Jacket; now been through Dainese (too hot), RS Taichi (way too hot), and Revit (not that comfortable and hot, but looks really safe). And I have to say finding a jacket that fits well is hard.

    The best one I have is a Yellowcorn mesh jacket - it doesn't look that tough but it performed flawlessly two times already; and it's very comfortable and not hot at all. Only problem with YC is the designs... Engrish isn't for everyone...

    I am learning that finding MC gear that fits is not easy.
  5. I tried the revit and the xl fit good. Although this jacket is expensive.

    I tried the xxl yellow corn and it was to tight around the waist. Maybe a copy?
  6. Yankee.. one of the reasons 320 is so cheap is they bring the stuff in themselves and wholesale to others.. check them out you will not be disappointed.

    oh and i have a decent belly on me and the 'NERVE' jacket fits well..They ARE in euro sizes NOT Jap sizes.
  7. Nope, just Japanese sizing, and when's the last time you met a 5'7" 195lbs Japanese? ;)

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