4 day trip with Rob : Part III Riding down the 120 towards Chiang Mai

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by brian_bkk, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. What another fantastic road...

    Just love this.. My favourite is still the Mekong ride.. but this is nice too


    updated url

  2. Last night with my good friends Jack Daniels and Soda while listening to downloaded music..

    Heard an up beat song and thought a quick re edit of the ride along the 120 along with song will liven up the video...

  3. Your right it does add to the video.. its funny for a such a great raod the video of 120 is nowhere near as good as the Meekong one.. urghhhhh stuck in BKK at moment.. where are the twisties
  4. Woohoo! The 120 always gets my pulse rate up! :happy5:
    One of the best GO FAST roads in Thailand IMO
  5. Tony,

    I need to ride your Gixxer and a truck load of courage to do that LOL


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