4 day trip with Rob

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  1. I was going to do a trip report.. but to be honest.. A lot of what has already been done before..

    Then I saw this picture.. a little bit of cropping and I it says it all.. No need to say any more.


    Had a great weekend.. Thanks to John Gooding and wife for taking us around on Thursday... A small 473km ride... nothing too much...

    Nice boots..

    A couple of other snaps from along the way:-

    Loas to the right, Thailand to the left.

    Tracks to follow in the track forum.. and then Rob and I went off to Chiang Khong.. Very lucky with the weather.

    Look over to Laos.. Houi Xai

    6 big bottles of beer and 2 bottles of red wine...and a few replays of the days riding.



    Lots of great video to share.. needs editing.. watch this space.

    Thanks John and David and for your tips and tricks and nice to meet up with Moto Rex, Garry D for beers..

  2. Thank Brian. Great that you can on road anytime you want. Pls send my regard to Rob.
    What is the road on the first pic? Any lat-long info?
  3. I would guess it's close to Phu Chee Fah.....................?
  4. I can never remember the numbers and would need to look at a map.

    The road with the memorial to the road workers killed by the communists.

    The actual pic with out the cropping is OK. but a good lense and a crop makes it look stunning..

  5. The 1155. A tremendous road.
  6. Just went through some of the video and took a few stills.

    These capture the vibe of the trip :)




  7. A good selection of shots alright to capture the real nature of R1155 slicing through the mountains & along the ridge line.
    The current good road surface sure make it a road to ride right now.
    Thanks for picking out the photos from the clip & posting.
    It makes me want to do R1155 again!
  8. It was a great long weekend... love the roads up Chiang Kong area and of course to finish up with a bash around Samoeng trying to keep ahead of John Gooding is always fun...
  9. Thanks Viethorse.. I wouldn't say any time LOL..

    Just get on the Friday night flight from Bangkok.. Only around 150 USD return Sunday evening..
    And when you can tie it in with a long weekend.. even better..

  10. Not that much Brian. Some more for hotel and bike rental. LOL....

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