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  1. Suzuki Intruder VS 1400cc, 1987 year, 67hp / 49 kw, black complete overhaul and power coating Dec. 2007, open US Silver Tail made stainless steel exhaust system, Koni shock absorber, new six piston brake-cylinder, new special steel disc brake, new clutch, new special alu radiator, new cables, new bearings, new tank, new seat - too much to list. All parts genuine Suzuki from Europe. Green book and Phuket registration. Please look the Homepage http://www.phuket-apartment.info/big_bike_for_sale.htm
  2. Good luck mate but I don't think so for a 22 yr old bike. Ken Yam
  3. Good luck. I think you will need it.
  4. Otto has obviously spent a lot of time and money on reconditioning this bike. OK if a labour of love, but maybe not a formula for making a profit in the LOS.
  5. Price is OTT ..but one of these bikes of a similar vintage was sold to a sucker in Pattaya by a German chap for 400,000 last year.

    Maybe Otto will be lucky too.
  6. Why does everyone have to slag the price when someone wants to sell their bike.
  7. Many bikes get sold without negative comment when the price is considered fair by the members of this forum. Many people posting on this forum are veteran bikers and long time residents of Thailand with a reasonable knowledge of fair market value here. New members often join forums like this to learn the "lay of the land", so to speak, and are coming to this page to find out what others, right or wrong, think about subjects just like this. How much, after all, is any 22-year-old bike worth if it's not a known "classic" and what kind of resale value can one expect down the road? I believe all of the above posts are valid, including yours, Hoghead. I'm just trying to add some balance. Thanks to all for your continued input. Michael
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  9. I agree 100 %, Michael!
    We all are looking for a good friendly help here. And when we can give any advice, it's to help someone who is in need...
    It is called the "biker spirit"!



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