Nov 3, 2006
On fri night I saw an add for a super four in the city life web site." In excellent shape" it said. I phoned the guy who told me he was a "motorhead" and always used the best oils and the bike was in AI condition. He said he had just got it resprayed. I asked if it had a fuel guage between the clocks to help me determine it's year. No, it hadnt apparently. Anyway the next morning I met him.The paintwork looked good as he rode in. Then I walked over for a look! I don't know where to start. Something told me he had taken a few liberties with the English language. It may have been the ripped seat cover. It may have been the bone dry rusty chain.. or the fact that every bolt was rusty.. or the fact that the clocks were completely missing , save for a broken piece of plastic.. or was it the fact that the whole headlight assembly was missing and had been replaced by an after market Alien thing.. or was it the front end with a blown fork seal and the whole bottom of the fork leg and both discs completely covered in dried up sticky oil.. or was it the bone dry snatchy clutch cable. He started it and it funnily enough it sounded a bit rough! He asked me if I wanted to ride it !! At first I was looking around to see if I had been framed, or was on candid camera.I left saying I would think about it. Strangely enough I wasn't upset.I saw the funny side of it. He seemed like a nice young guy. We just must have viewed bikes in a different way.Anyway it might save a few of you the bother or might be the basis of a project. He said he wanted to go back to the states fairly soon.
Jun 21, 2006
While not related to bikes but a similar story. A friend on Koh Samui saw a yellow beach buggy for sale in the Phuket Gazette, which included colout foto as well.. He rang the seller, asked about the buggy and was it driveable etc as he was ready to fly to Phuket buy the buggy and drive back to Samui. The seller assured him buggy immaculate as per foto and no problems driving it back.

When my friend turned up on Phuket, the buggy turned out to be purple, in such bad condition and not safe to drive back to Samui.

My friend was really annoyed at the seller, as he had wasted all this time, and on his day off.

So you can't even believe the foto's you may see either.