428 Chain Riveter

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  1. I’ve been looking for a chain riveter/sideplate press – for a 428 chain – but haven’t been able to find one in local Khon Kaen shops, although I'm sure I've not visited them all.

    Does anybody know of shop in KK area or an online supplier of tools that might be able to sell me one of these?

    Or – a long shot – does anybody here have one they no longer need that they might be able to sell me?

  2. Sorry I do not know either and I am almost sure "Guts Rider" also does not have them, but I think he will know where to get them in KK (if they are for sale in KK at all).
  3. I Brought one from Whitehorse Gear: see here: http://www.whitehorsegear.com/rk-chain-cutter-rivet-tool
    You could Order off them, eBay or anywhere on line and You should have it pretty quick depending on what postage You chose?
    Or another option is take a run down to Udonthani and check either the Kawasaki Shop which were very Helpful last time We called in. Or Ducati and the New Honda Big Wing Shop? I would thing one if not all should have one as they are selling Big Chain Driven Motorcycles! Good Luck.
  4. I found out that you need a good quality chain tool and the cheap ones are just......cheap
    I imported a RK bought on Amazon
  5. +1

    RK is top. Pay for quality and you only cry once ;)
  6. I use a C-clamp with some slight modification. The key is getting the plate on first evenly then just widen the pins. It doesnt take much. If i needed to do it again i would have a local shop fab something. My guess less then 1500 baht but if you have lots of money and need the best there is motion pro....
  7. I have bought some cheap chinky ones and some really expensive german and USA ones all broke too easily

    so I remove pins with a grinder and punch and rivet the new ones up with a ball peen hammer
  8. On larger chains (520 +) you will need to grind the heads off even with a good tool. I have done it on 530's without grinding but you take your chances.
    A 420 should be fine to just press it out
    Peening it over is no problem no matter what size chain

    You can buy just the replacement press out bit for a good tool like a RK, and you should do so when buying the took kit initially
  9. I agree a dremel is great for the job

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