50/50 tires for Versys (where to buy)

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  1. I was hoping to buy a set of K60 scout for my Versys but there's a 3 month lead time at aseana moto. Does anyone know of another brand, that might be available and in stock in Thailand?


    Is there anywhere I can buy a waterproof switch to modifiy my ABS to turn it off. I know i can whip the fuse out but it's a pain when you have a shit-load of gear on the back.

  2. A few views but no suggestions yet. The K60s are probably the only true 50/50 here. There's a Pirelli round the corner from me so it's easy: if I want more off road I go for the Scorpion Rally, on road, the Scorpion MT90. Not sure if they have sizes for the Versys.

    Question: why do you mean by 'a three month lead time'? Do you have to order three months in advance? If I end up with a F800 GS next year this is the first tyre I'm putting on it; useful to know.
  3. Aseana Moto have plenty of Scouts for BMW. This is the bike I'm also changing to soon, so no probs if you buy the F800 GS. He had one set 2 weeks ago for the Versys but they'd been sold by the time I wanted them. 3 months is not good as I hope to change to the GS myself by then. Guess I'll stick with the Scorpion Trails for now.

    Thanks anyway.
  4. I quite like the Pirelli MT60 RS Corsa for offroading the Versys :mrgreen:
  5. Here's a good write up of a Versys with ABS kill switch:


    And here's my solution:

    I've tried a few ABS mods on the Versys and think I've found the one that works the best for me-

    First I pulled the fuse which turns off the ABS. Simple, effective, but I personally am more comfortable with ABS on at the front, even when off pavement.

    It's the ABS on the rear wheel that I find intrusive and sometimes a bit dangerous when your trying to trail brake going down a steep hill and the ABS simply won't allow you to lock up the rear wheel.

    My fix: I simply unplug the ABS sensor for the rear wheel. The ABS still functions normally for the front wheel (I've tested it), but with the sensor unplugged the ABS will not function for the rear wheel.

    Ride On!

    Tony :)
  6. I've had good luck with the Michelin Sirac and they have always been readily available when I needed them. Not sure if sizes are available for Versys.
  7. Hope it's not too off-topic to ask you what's the cost of a pair of K60s fitted on the GS? Thanks.
  8. Can't remember but but for the Versys it worked out a little cheaper than a set of Pirelli Scorpion.
    If you have Line the owners username is waranyu69. If you message he will reply.
  9. Thanks for the information.

    Were you selling a set of Versys wheels btw?
  10. sold them already :thumbup:
  11. Just thought I'd update on the tires.

    Bought the Pirelli MT60s Corsa and thus far on tarmac I'm pretty impressed; didn't expect them to hold as they do. Guess it's the soft compound.

    Off to Khao Krajom again this Sunday-Mon to give 'em a proper whirl.


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