500 it is

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  1. Well I have been a Biker Legend for some time and this posting is an attempt to find out if I suddenly become an OLD GIT. I do not want to be an OLD GIT, even a REVERED one, a legend sounds better, but lets see if it happens!! :happy2:
  2. Congratulations. BTW we could lift the bar so you could stay a Biker Legend. :lol:
  3. I suppose if the GT Rider is a Revered Old Git, it cannot be that bad, so a GIT it is.
  4. Congratulations :lol-sign:
  5. Congrats! Now the trick is to not become a "Cranky Old Git" such as this chap. http://piquanthumour.blogspot.com/2007/ ... d-git.html
  6. If the shoe fits............................ Whoa! Just joking!

    Well done John!
    Be thankful you earned the title by contributing 500 posts on GTR; remember a title like that can be earned for much different/worse reasons.

    I see our FL offered to raise the bar but not change the title. Hmmmmm, so I guess my suggestions for Marco fell on stoney ground. Pity!

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