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  1. Thim took delivery of HER 500X yesterday at Honda Big Wing, Chiang Mai. It is one of the first 6 delivered. They say there will be more coming near the end of March. I was "allowed" to ride it home and it certainly is smooth and quiet.


    Today we rode to Doi Saket for lunch and then rode up the 118 and back so she could get a feel for the bike. It is only pushing the 500 around when parking that she has to struggle a bit. She's a pretty good rider with plenty of saddle time on my DR250. Her famous quote "I hold the throttle all the way open for a long time, but it won't go any faster". Not long after that I had to rescue her with a totally blown engine. No more 250.



    I think it may be some time before I get to spend enough time on the Honda to give any type of critique. :mad:
  2. Thanks for posting. They're nice looking bikes imo.

    May i ask what the total price was?
  3. I believe the current price is 215,000 baht. I ordered early and paid the originally advertised 209,000. First class insurance is an additional 9,200 baht.
  4. All right, thanks.

    Please let us know how it rides (if she'll let you near it at all that is :))

  5. Good luck with you're new bike. Keep us updated.
  6. Aussie Don picked up His also. I think it was the First one delivered. He brought it out and let me have a Go on it. Although I just went for a Brief Ride I was Extremely Impressed! I would say Honda are on to a Winner with this, Real Value for Money! Great to Ride, Feels Light, Good Power, Torque and very Smooth. Wonderful!
  7. Nice bike and nice rider also!
    I was at the Big Wing Shop in Pattaya a week ago and they had all 3 CB500's in the show-room and in stock. I liked the CB500F so much I almost considered buying one. Still a bit too high for my short legs (although I can tip-toe on both sides) but they said that next months they would have an lowering-kit for the CBs.

    Chang Noi
  8. On another thread (https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorcycle-forum/showthread.php/37220-2013-Honda-CBR500-CB500R-CB500X?highlight=cb500x) I explained how I went to Bkk and then to Pattaya to order the 500x - this was on the 20th February. At that time Bigwing Pattaya was being built! In Bkk they told me 3 months, in Pattaya a month. I picked it up Monday 18th - this week. Bigwing Pattay is now open.


    Very pleased with it. I am no expert so how I describe it is "lay". I was worried about the size - coming from riding a Phantom. It kind of purrs but anything would after a Phantom. Owing to transport issues I ended up driving the bike for the first time out of Pattaya in the dark, but the bike was easy.

    I am extremely pleased I bought the bike. Crits - no English manual yet. Probably too computerised emphasising services at the Bigwing shops - maybe better with some of the cowboys around.
  9. Congrats - even though it's not yours! I always say: a new bike is like a new life... :)

    It is actually a historic moment to be able to pick up a brand-new, legal 500cc Honda from a dealership. And for only 215K!

    Things have definitely changed since I got here, I wonder what is there to come in the next years.
  10. If any of You Guys in Chiang Mai want to Try the New Honda 500 out for a Day POP Rental now has the Full Rang of all 3 in for Rent! He also has the New 300cc Forza Scooter for Rent. Great for a Try before You Buy Experience and All Brand New!
  11. i rode one too for test on honda track and what a comfy bike, very easy to ride, agile and good riding position and wind protection.
    i am sure the owners of cb500x will be very pleased about teh bike. does not have quality like upside down forks or powerful engine but who cares, it is 100 k less than versys and can climb the mountains of up north and tour all over Thailand without any problems like a versys. can go for a mild trails too and all for 215 k, pretty impressive.
  12. Dave, congrats to Thim's new toy, if she blows the engine on that one too, well, you know what to do then 55555555, cheers, Franz
  13. She's really been enjoying the bike, Franz, and it looks like it was a good choice for her. Due for it's 1,000km check already. I have been impressed with the bike so far. Smooth ride, great brakes and handling. Her only complaint is she found after the toy ride that it is much harder to clean than the DR. Her bike, her job! ;)
  14. Me and 5 expats flew up to Chiang Mai last week end, hired 3 x ER6's, 1x Versys and 2 spanky new CB500X's from Pop's then rode up to Pai and back.
    We swapped around as we all wanted to try the CB!
    Compared to the ER is very Honda smooth, some of us thought lacking the grunty character of the ER but it felt very light and flickable through the twisters. I think it's only around 10kg lighter but must carry that weight quite low done. The riding position on the X was somewhere between a Versys and an ER. It was more economical and build quality ok for the money.
    All in all we thought is a good buy... Personally I'd still rather have an ER or Versys... That low down torque and high rev howl is pretty addictive.

    Oh and we bumped into David Unkovich... What a nice bloke... Recognised his Versys from the forum... Paint job looks lovely in the flesh...!
  15. Hey there, good meeting you guys in Pai. I hope you made it home alright. I went off to the Bebop until closing & was the last customer to leave. (what a surprise.)
    The next time you guys are coming up, give me a yell & we can meet up somewhere.

    Next time, if you're looking for some dirt on the MHS Loop, check out these GTR threads



    Or if you want some asphalt try these

  16. Hi Dave, congrats on your good lady's new bike.

    Can you confirm how low that seat is? Your good lady seems to have both feet flat on the ground in the first photo.
  17. The spec sheet from Honda that I have downloaded says,

    CB500X and F seatheight = 810mm
    CB500R = 785mm

    Her inseam measure 787mm without boots ( I would only do that measurement for you, Dougal. :thumbup:). She is on her toes and has to be somewhat careful where she parks, as she doesn't get a lot of leverage when trying to push it while sitting on it. Other than that, no problems.

    EDIT: See post #18 and #19 below. The correction is;

    CB500R and F seatheight = 785mm
    CB500X = 810mm

    The inseam stays the same. ;)
  18. Dont wanna be a pain in the ass .... but according to Honda WorldWide

    The F and the R are the same hight and the X is higher. And that is something I experienced also when sitting on all 3 the bikes at the Honda Big Wing shop in Pattaya.
  19. That would make more sense, however the PDF I downloaded from Honda BigWing had the specs I quoted. They have now changed the website and made it interactive for comparisons, with the specs matching what you quote. Again, that only makes sense that the R and F would be the same and X different. Thanks.

    Go to this link and then click on 'products compare'. http://www.aphonda.co.th/hondabigwing/home.ashx#home-content.html

    Also, my "good lady" says that she would be more comfortable if the seat were a little narrower. A friend of mine wanted more distance between the seat and the pegs. He had the seat made slightly higher and wider and it came out quite nice for those with longer legs.

  20. Thanks a lot Dave. Especially appreciate your efforts re the inseam.

    Is it easy for you to sit on the bike? (No requirement for inseam measurement, thanks.)
  21. Yes, no problem for me. Very comfortable.
  22. Thanks again Dave.
  23. What a great looking bike...ENJOY!
  24. That makes sense to me, the R and F should be the same while the X has a few differences.

    I wonder how different the X front suspension is, it has .6" more travel, don't know about the springs inside.

    Can that really make a difference?
  25. I am considering buying one myself, I rented one for a day at POP in CM and I was really pleased with it, I personally think it is a much more pleasant drive than the ER (didnt tried the Versys) for Thailand unless you are mostly driving on highways.

    The deposit is 3 000thb and it takes a month for delivery.

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