50th Anniversary Bonneville


Mar 5, 2006
Cannot say I'm convinced.
IMO The Belstaff owes a nod or two to JPS & Norton.
But this is just another commercial usage of using the Bonnie
as a blank canvas for customisation.
see here for the myriad of different designs Paul Smith created in 2005
http://www.trendsnow.net/trends_now_/20 ... -paul.html
Funky maybe, but not sure I would want to own one.

You may be able to order one of the Belstaff ones if you put a deposit down with Britbikes.
But the availability appears to be extremely limited and I would doubt they would have the pull to acquire one.
The other is a one off for auction.
If you really like the look it would be easier & cheaper to have a T100 customised here.