5th Annual Bangkok Bike Festival, January 30th-February 3rd at Central World!

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  1. It's that time of year again! The 5th Annual Bangkok Motorbike Festival kicks off on January 30th at Central World and it sounds like it will be bigger and better than ever!

    This year will feature a Gymkhana competition- sweet! :happy2:

    More info on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThailandMotorbikeFestival
    And the Thailand Motorbike Festival official website: http://www.thailandmotorbikefestival.com

    And here are the other Motorbike Festivals that will take place around Thailand in 2013:

    See you there!! :happy1:
  2. Hi All,

    Went to the bike show with Rob yesterday... Also bumped in to Mike Hohman.
    Some good specials with the accessories.. No tent with extra shops outside this year.. At least not when were were there.
    Otherwise same format / layout as last year..

    Parking outside in front of Central World
    A lot more bikes arrived after dusk and it was quite festive outside..




    Not sure where this pic came from as don't remember taking it.. But good to see that it is real after reading it on the Kwaka price lists a few weeks back.
    Lets hope for the KLX equivalent to follow soon...




    With all the excitment about chains on the forum recently..... 3,451 baht.. Show special price.


    Pics from Rob



    Fun afternoon and picked up a few good accessories saving me running around Bangkok to the various shops to get them.. Cheaper too.

  3. Thanks for the update Brian. I see a 4 Seat KTM Cross Bow, I bet that was Cheap!!! So Did Rob Order a New 690 Enduro then?
  4. 5555 No. We are PATIENTLY waiting for the KLX 450.
    Kwaka would clean up if they bought this in...

    the murder of a police officer at a nightclub in 2001

    A friend in Pattaya bought a Honda 450 dirt bike from them and two of his mates picked up KTMs..
    All very happy and prices way below KTM authorized dealers.. Green Books etc.

  5. Few more pictures at the 2013 bike festival.




    KTM 1190


    The not so bad looking NC700


    Sexy CBR 500


    The new Versys rival - Honda X



    Adventure version



    New KSR Rival - MX125 (Cute!)

    Ninja 250 Special Edition


    Naked Ninja - The new Z250


    Better Angle


    The Awesome Z1000


    Good looking Vulcan



    Fully equipped Touring Versys


    With GPS navigation and Ham Radio! 9700bht total including the radio and installation.




    The small tents and accessories shops were on the 8th floor.

    Victory Motorcycles



    Some cool looking custom bikes.

  6. Tempt me not.. they are bloody nice but at the price sort of hard to justify.. also their is some real wisdom in travelling with like bikes on some of these off road rides... cuts down on spares etc etc..so if all my mates would buy KTM's then yes I would get one.. in fact if they all buy one then just get an extra for me
  7. why is it that allot of dolly birds have eyes that make them look like they were in the Thunder birds ??
  8. So Many of My Friends and Myself included would Love a New 690 Enduro! Everyone has the same 3 Issues:
    1, Overpriced!
    2, Plate & Green Book? I have been Told by Multiple People that KTM have still not passed Emissions? Seems hard to believe, True or False???
    3, Notorious Unreliability? I don't know of anyone who owns one who hasn't had some issue with them? Not very confidence inspiring if You want to take it to Foreign Countries or remote areas?
    I may go to the Local KTM shop and Ask as the Manager here "Eak". He is a Great Guy and has Great Service. (Used to work for Triumph) So You never know might just be worth a go!
  9. Can't answer for the Enduro, but I do have the SMC R. Which shares pretty much everything except the front forks, rear shock, front brake caliper, wheels and front sprocket.

    1. Overpriced... Totally agree.
    2. Not an issue really, I got plate and green book within three months.
    3. Just passed 6,000kms on the LC4. So far no problems, or any faults that caused any grief or left me by the side of the road.

    Though I do service mine every 3,000kms instead of every 10,000kms as recommended by KTM.
  10. 2. Not an issue really, I got plate and green book within three months.
    And the Green Book is in Your Name?

    3. Just passed 6,000kms on the LC4. So far no problems, or any faults that caused any grief or left me by the side of the road.
    Well that's Encouraging!

    May be worth having a look then! The Only Real Big Dirt Bike avalible at the Moment!
  11. 2. Certainly is. Had to get the original plate replaced due to it cracking down the middle. Needed copies of my visa & work permit to facilitate process for replacement number plate.

    3. Keep in mind. Mine is all pavement / tarmac work. Ok I've hammered it to hell & back. I know the LC4 in SMC R guise will do 195kmh flat out!!! :)
    Perhaps in Enduro environment may encounter different problems???

    A friend of mine just bought a brand new 2013 KTM 690 SMC R!

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