60CSx Mount

Discussion in 'GPS Use, Tracks & Maps Discussion' started by Ally, May 24, 2009.

  1. Just taken delivery of a 60CSx and wanted to try it out but haven't got my RAM mount sorted yet.

    But I have got my Singha Mount !

    It's very good.



  2. Novel Idea :idea: Make sure You tie it in otherwise it will bounce out and down the Road :shock: I had mine fly off once and rolled about 40 meters down the Tar Road in Samoeng. :roll: I thought it would be Wrecked but picked it up and it was still working and apart from scraps to the Body No bad Damage, They are Tough Units! :wink: Enjoy!!!
    By the Way you can borrow My Ram Mount till you get Yours if You want? I have a Zumo 550 I use as well.
  3. Thanks for the offer Ian, Gadget Trend delivery due sometime this week.

    Also waiting for my number plate to arrive before I chose the tail unit replacement, I will be sure to let you see it when I have made my mind up.


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