6th Thai - Laos Mekong Friendship Bridge

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  1. Tambon Natan to be site of sixth Thai-Lao Friendship bridge

    A committee charged with selecting the location for the sixth Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge has selected Tambon Natan in Ubon Ratchathani’s Natan district for the construction, a deputy governor said on Thursday.

    Ubon Ratchathani deputy governor Chalermpol Mungkung said the location was chosen because it would be near large communities and could be linked easily to existing roads. He said the bridge will link to Ban La Khone Pheng town in Laos’ Salavan province. He said the project could start without the need to carry out an environmental impact study.

    The approximate location

    This is upstream from the 300 Mekong Holes Samphanbok
    Samphanbok - the Mekong holes - from Ubon

    Source: Nation News 19 January 2018
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