7 Days Touring in N. Thailand - Exec. Summary

Jan 12, 2003
7 Days Touring in N. Thailand - Exec. Summary
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Below is the story of my 7 day motorbiking trip thru N. Thailand with my girlfriend, Candace and my bestfriend, Dave. Below is a quick trip summary and then in a separate post I'll list more of the details of our adventures.

Executive Summary


2 - 250cc Honda Baja's

Rented from Lek's Big Bikes

Lek's bikes were in far better condition than at other shops, plus Lek offered insurance on the bikes, though only partial. The night before we left, we broke a clutch cable. I called Mr. Lek and within 3 minutes he arrived at our guesthouse, and I believe he set the record for fastest cable change, coming in at ~23 seconds. After that, there we no problems with the bikes the entire week. Rode like a charm, despite Candace and I riding 2 up on my bike on some pretty rough and steep roads. Only had to choke my bike once all week to start it! Overall, I would highly recommend Mr. Lek.

Day Destin. Via Dist. Accom.

1 Pai 107N 34km Pai River Lodge
1095E 112km
Total 146km

Notes: Pai is a great town, highly worth the trip. The road there is a great winding mountain road too. Lots of fun although a bit tough for the first day!

2 Tha Ton 1095W 112km Apple Guesthouse
107N 118km
Total 230km

Notes: Be careful, there are two Apple Guesthouses. The one Dave refers to in his book is right on the river.

3 Off

Notes: Spent the day touring to a longneck village/elephant ride. Took the tour with Good company. If you are heading north on 107, it is on the left side just before you cross you bridge. Recommended.

4 Chiang Khong 1089E 20km Bamboo Riverside Lodge
1290 Loop to Golden Triangle
1129 with Northern loops along Mekong
1020 into Chiang Khong
Total: 191km

Notes: Bamboo is an awesome place to stay, with great Mexican food and the owner sometimes plays accoustic guitar at night. Good magazine selection.

5 Phayao 1020S Northern Lake Hotel
1021E to Chaing Kham
1021S to Pha Yao
Total: 245km

Notes: The side loops on 1155 and 1093 were tons of fun. Many quiet, mountain roads that varied from dirt to decent pavement. In Pha Yao, the Northern Lake Hotel is far superior to the hotel Dave recommends in the book. It is across from the night market and next to the "old cinema".

6 Off

Notes: Rode North on #1 up to Doi Luang National Park. Hiked up to the falls and spent the day lounging and swimming in the pools below the falls.

7 Chaing Mai Straight home 165km Fast ride.

Overall, great trip. It was hands down, the highlight of my 3 months in SE Asia.

Brad, Candace and Dave

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Re: 7 Days Touring in N. Thailand - Exec. Summary
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Nice informative report. You're not wrong about Lek's bikes, the Honda XR250 Baja's he has for rent are the best in Chiang Mai.
In Tha Ton, yep there are 2 Apple G/houses, both owned & run by the same people. The new place is the one with the bungalows away from the river. This is the one I normally stay at so you got that one right too.
Glad you found the Bamboo g/house in Ch Khong too. Their Mexican food is undoubtedly the best on the Mekong (is there another?), if not North Thailand. I know that at Songkran festival in April this year, a group of farang expats - 19 of them I think - from Chiang Rai, made a special trip to Ch Khong, just to have a Mexican lunch at the Bamboo!
Thanks for the tip on the Northern Lake Hotel in Phayao, the name does not ring a bell with me, so I guess it might be a new one. I'll check it out in the next few weeks.
Glad you had such a great trip - when are you coming back for some more?