8-Hour Enduro Pattaya

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    ENDURO 8 HOUR RACE On the 18th - 19th August 2007, Following the great success of the last event we are organizing the next race at the International Bira Circuit (Pattaya, Thailand) the 8H Pattaya Enduro Race.
    This event will be divided in 6 categories: Open, Lightweight Supercup, Trail Bikes, VIP Over 40 and Mixed Category.

    8H of Pattaya Enduro Race is open to all Enduro amateurs or semi-professionals, without any restrictions, provided all the drivers have sufficient level of experience to ensure their and other participants’ safety on the track.

    More than a simple race, the event will be an occasion for all Enduro and Cross drivers, either from Thailand or abroad, to meet and challenge one another in a sportive, friendly atmosphere.
  2. Hi David,

    Is it still scheduled ? Then I intend to meet Monsterman maybe not particpate for the first time but have a look and prepare next one.
  3. Veni, Vindi, Vinci....

    As I had no answer about my question on the 8 Hours Endurance Event in Bira, I went there and thanks to Monsterman I discover this famous (in Thailand) BIRA circuit.

    Well....nice, but you have to know the place if you want to find it !

    Few Subarus Impreza and a Mitsu Rally cars "cruisin" on the speedway, nothing special, but unfortunatelly I did not saw any Off-Road bikes in the rear of the circuit, maybe it was cancel but nobody knows about it...

    Next time
  4. The Enduro certainly took place as a friend rang me earlier this evening to say how good it was
  5. 8 hour ENDURO was definatly on ,
    the location was not the BIRA raceway ,but a good loction called MOTOR SPORT SHOP ,approx 3 klms closer to Pattaya ON THE SOUTH BOUND SIDE but still on the main 36 highway just pass a big SHELL servo,

    didnt ride myself but went to have a look ,
    the format was teams racing of 3 or 4 riders and each rider did max 3 laps each (lap times varied but approx 6 to 7 minutes average for 1 lap and the guys said was a good track with hill climb and a lot of sand) ,
    many thais on modified SONICS and a heap of KTMs,

    cant give any info as to results but enjoyed a few hours of excitement ,

    maybe someone else has the results??

    do know there was a couple of Aussie hot shot motorcross guys that where lapping very quickly!!
  6. Mark you forgot to mention that you won the race just run, no?

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